Top 5 of The Best Book Lights For Reading In Bed Or How To Choose a Perfect Light

Many people enjoy reading books and there is hardly any better place to do that than a cozy bed. However, there is a common problem for bookworms as there is not enough light for reading in bed. That is the reason to obtain one of the best book lights for reading in bed.

best book lights for reading in bed reviews

A book light is a necessity for those who care about their eyesight. Dim not bright enough light is one of the greatest enemies of our eyesight, so to prolong its excellent state it is important to lit the pages of your book well. It helps not only to exhaust your eyes but also enjoy reading for a longer period of time. With a quality rechargeable LED book light you will not have to close the book at the most exciting moment or get nervous because of the inability to see words distinctly. A book light is a necessity as it contributes to the speed of reading and makes it possible to read any time of the day.

Whether there is not enough sunshine in the daytime or you like reading when it is already dark in the room, choose the best light for reading in bed and your hobby will become even more entertaining and significant in your life. There is a list of top 5 best book lights for reading in bed worth your attention and money. So, see a cool selection of proven products.

Top Book Lights For Reading In Bed in 2019

ProductColorWeightPower sourceNumber of brightness levels 
(Editor’s Choice)
Black13.7 ouncesPower adapter3-level dimmer Check Price
Mighty Bright
(Editor’s Choice)
Blue4.8 ounces3 AAA batteries2 levels Check Price
CeSunlightBlue and black3.84 ouncesLithium rechargeable battery4 levels Check Price
WalterDrakeCream1.26 poundsPower adapter1 level Check Price
Ecologic MartBlack6.4 ouncesLithium rechargeable replaceable battery6 levels Check Price

1. KEDSUM 7W Dimmable LED Desk Lamp – Best Reading Lamp For Bed And Office

night light for reading reviewsA book light from Kedsum is a reliable and eye-caring lamp that will make reading a real pleasure any time of the day. It has excellent characteristics and is rather economical, so deserves to be called the best clip on book reading light.

With a maximum power consumption of 7W, it features a powerful LED light source with color temperature up to 5000k.

The main benefit of this lamp is 3 levels of brightness. You can adjust the light to your mood thanks to the dimmer installed. It is enough to touch the button up or down on the sensitive touch panel to choose a suitable brightness level. Every person’s eyes require different brightness so you can customize it to create a soft and eye-caring light to improve the reading experience.

Another unrivaled advantage of this book light is a flexible 360° gooseneck that can be bent anyway. It allows adjusting a necessary light angle without putting much effort, so you will find a suitable angle easily. Moreover, it is equipped with a LED chip for even light distribution. Forget about dark areas, radiant, glaring, ghosting, and harshness to eyes.

Features and benefits

Made from durable plastic this LED book light can not only stand on the desk but also be attached to different surfaces thanks to a clip that can open up to 2.8 inches. It can be also hung on the wall for a more comfortable reading position.

With the maximum height of 13.7 inches, it will be perfect not only for kids but also quite tall adults. The weight of 13.4 ounces makes it light and easy to carry.

  • Adjustability;
  • Used as both free-standing and hanging;
  • Wide opening clip;
  • Highly responsive button;
  • Reliable clamp;
  • Soft pleasant for eyes clear light.
  • The book light produces different noise depending on the brightness level turned on;
  • Cold light color.


The book light has quite good quality and is very reliable and durable. Apart from the office or bedroom, you can try reading with its help anywhere. Lightweight and compact it can be easily adjusted no matter where you will clip it to. The bendable gooseneck is a perfect solution though not very long. There is no need to subject your eyes to unbearable light as 3-level dimmer does its job well as well as LED lights that are incredibly long-lasting and eye-caring.

2. Mighty Bright 40511 XtraFlex2 Book Light – Best Night Light For Reading In Bed

best reading lamp for bed and office reviewsWhat makes the book light perfect for reading? Undoubtedly, it is its versatility. With an excellent book light, you do not need to think what position to take as it is not a human’s task to adjust to the light, everything must be vice verse. This light from Mighty brand deserves to take place in every bedroom combining excellent characteristics.

It is a durable and energy-efficient book light that features two powerful LEDs which are long-lasting and not heated. Forget about regular replacements of bulbs as these lights can function up to 100 thousand hours.

The book light is switched on and off with a simple button tap. The intensity of light – to switch only one or both LED lights – is determined by a simple tap. Every light is equipped with an optical grade lens to guarantee a uniform light spread.

The book light will make reading a real pleasure thanks to the option to use it as a free-standing one or adjust it to multiple surfaces with a help of a reliable and wide clip. To find the best light angle it is enough to bend the flexible neck.

Interesting Features

Though it is not a rechargeable lamp, there are two alternative power sources: 3 AAA batteries that are included and a power cord to be purchased additionally.

The book light is one of excellent clip on bedside reading lamps, bright and easy to use, while its portability makes it a perfect companion even during trips.

  • Portable and compact;
  • Lightweight;
  • Adjustable;
  • Used as both free-standing and clipped;
  • Strong clip;
  • Good bright to use for reading;
  • Easy to use.
  • The power adapter is not included;
  • Cold light.


This Mighty book light can be called one of the best night time reading lights as in comparison with other lamps it is very bright even at the lower setting on. Its great feature is portability as you can use it anywhere thanks to three batteries as a power source. It is easy to adjust with a bendable gooseneck and a reliable clip. At the same time, it may be too bright and disturbing to people sleeping next to you, so try to stay alone reading with a book light on.

3. CeSunlight Rechargeable LED Light – Super Rechargeable Extra-Bright 4 LED Book Light

rechargeable book lights reviewsCords and batteries are not always the best feature for book lights as your reading process can be ceased by a low battery or short cord. It is always better to choose a rechargeable book light like CeSunlight example. Its utmost benefit is a possibility to charge it in any place with electricity. Connect this rechargeable book light with an energy source and in a couple of hours, you will get an excellent reading light.

The reading light for bed is equipped with a powerful rechargeable 700mAh lithium battery. You will need only three hours to charge it and you can use it up to 8 hours with high brightness and up to 10 hours with a normal one.

Useful Opportunities

The book light reminds a short hose with LED lights on both ends. In fact, it is a steel and flexible arm covered with soft silicone, durable and non-toxic. Every end of the arm has a blue light with 2 LEDs each: one spotlight and one wide angle one.

There is a button on every lamp to choose one of 4 levels of brightness:

  • Wide angle;
  • Spotlight;
  • Hearts spot and wide light;
  • Turn off.

All of them are switched on with a certain number of clicks. Each arm has the same functionality.

It is better to start reading with fold (wide angle) light, while the other functions can be used for multiple purposes. As this rechargeable book light is a new version of the existing one, it is more powerful and much brighter. In addition, it is very lightweight of 3.84 ounces of total weight and portable.

  • Excellent flexibility;
  • Rechargeable;
  • Two light sources;
  • Versatile;
  • Takes multiple positions;
  • Fits comfortably around the neck;
  • Does not hold a charge long with time;
  • Good bright light for reading.
  • Not enough diffuse light;
  • Lack of sturdiness.


This luminolite rechargeable book light comes out of the representation of how a standard book light should look like. That is the reason that this rechargeable light is meant not only for reading: it can replace a flashlight, spotlight and even a small table lamp. You can hang this best book light for kids and adults on your neck or bend the arm to stand it on the desk – it is undoubtedly versatile. The LED light is cold and bright enough, while 4 levels of brightness will help you find a perfect model with a couple of clicks.

4. WalterDrake Headboard Light – Excellent Classic Bed Headboard Reading Lamp

classic-bed-headboard-reading-lamp reviewsIf you are a fan of classical and retro styles, there is no better option for you than this book light. It makes both reading and knitting as well as any other bed activity comfortable and well-lit. This is an over-the-bed book light that fits any headboard up to 1.5 inches wide perfectly. It is attached to the headboard with two hooks made from wire and coated not to scratch the bed. You can easily move it in both sides to find a perfect location. That allows directing the light over the shoulders and on the book chosen for reading.

It is very easy to switch it on and off. There is a thin pull chain hanging from the lamp. As soon as you reach it the book light will turn on or off.

Designed in classic style it features a cream pleated shade for a softer glowing and preventing the whole room to be lit up.

Useful Features

The book light for paperback books works with light bulbs of 40W and lower, but they must be bought additionally.

The dimensions of the book light for reading are 11 inches long × 8.25 inches wide × 7 inches high. The length of the cord is 63 inches. The total weight is 1.26 pounds.

  • Elegant;
  • Convenient pull switch;
  • The possibility to choose the bulb of the brightness and color temperature required;
  • Easy to install;
  • Does not disturb a person sleeping next to you;
  • Long power cord;
  • The soft glow from the shade.
  • Not suitable for low headboards;
  • Inability to adjust the angle of reading.


Unlike more modern book lights this book prop for reading in bed will not offer you versatility and functionality. However, it is the only book light for reading in bed that will not look awkward in the classic interior. It is important to measure if your bed headboard is high enough to provide a good angle for reading and is wide enough for hooks. If everything is well, this book light will serve you a good deal if you enjoy reading.

5. Eye Care Warm Book Light – Best LED Bed Headboard Reading Lights

rechargeable LED book lights reviewsThe rechargeable book light from Ecologic Mart combines all characteristics that make this lamp the best book light for night reading. The light takes care not only of nature but also of eyes of the person who likes reading. It is one of a few LED clip lamps with soft warm light that does not make eyes get tense and allows falling asleep after a long reading process quicker.

This rechargeable book light has a 1,000mAh battery that can be replaced anytime. That guarantees almost an endless life of the light. In addition, it offers a feature of controlling the battery charge. You are not only shown the remaining charge percentage with an indicator, but also the charge in progress and its completion. Thanks to the fast charger included you can get a fully charged battery only within 1 hour and 20 minutes and use it up to 20 hours.

Interesting Characteristics

The book light can be used as a small reading light for bed as well as a flashlight or light source in many other situations as there are two lamps with 5 LEDs on two separate flexible goosenecks with three brightness levels each. As a result, you can combine these lamps and get 6 different modes to adjust the necessary brightness.

The other great characteristics of this book light is an anti-accident switch, double paddling for a stronger grip, a 78-inch USB cable and a comfortable travel bag to get everything with anytime. The total weight of this perfect rechargeable book light is 6.4 ounces.

  • Fast charger;
  • Excellent battery capacity and durability;
  • Eye-caring;
  • Pleasant warm light;
  • Sturdy and strong clip;
  • Quite sizable clip for an average book;
  • Lifetime warranty and excellent customer service;
  • Double light.
  • May leave stains on books;
  • Not durable charger.


This book light has been called ‘perfect’ multiple times and it is difficult to argue with this viewpoint. The manufacturer has made all the possible improvements to the original version and today this double light can be hardly compared with any other rechargeable book light. It is a must-have device for people who are keen on reading and be confident, you will love it.

Buyer’s Guide: How To Choose A Book Light To Make Reading Comfortable And Eye-Caring

best book reading lights reviewsMany people want to know the answer to the question ‘what is the best light for reading?’.

However, there can not be a single right answer as every person has its own representation and number of functions a perfect book light must have.

There are multiple things to consider when you choose a suitable book light, so these are the most important ones:

  1. Eyesight health

The first thing to consider about a book light is the influence on eyes. It is preferable that a bed light could provide warm soft light without dark areas, as well as will not be a reason for radiance, glaring, ghosting, and harshness to eyes.

  1. Durability

Prefer a book light for reading in bed produced by trusted manufacturers. In addition, pay attention to the material it is made from, energy and power source as well as functionality.

  1. Power source

There are rechargeable, cord-powered and alkaline battery powered lights. The most comfortable ones are rechargeable examples. They are long-lasting and portable. Reading lights with alkaline batteries are portable but need regular replacement of batteries, while ones with power adapter are durable but need a socket next to the bed.

  1. Brightness

Many book lights for reading have several levels of brightness to adjust one suitable for reading. Consider the number of modes and their brightness, as well as color temperature. Warmer light is softer for eyes.

Best Book Lights For Reading In Bed: Conclusions And Recommendations

Today you can find a variety of book lights with LED and bulbs, clipped or free-standing, bending or attached to the bed headboard, with a single or several light sources. Consider what is required personally for you to make reading in bed a real relaxation and pleasure.

These are general tips on getting the best rechargeable book light for reading in bed. This device is a necessity for bookworms and there are several reasons to obtain it:

  • It provides 360° lighting;
  • LED technology is eye protective;
  • Many examples are versatile and can be used not only for reading;
  • Impressive adjustability to find the right reading angle.

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  • I needed to pick one of these up for when I travel. I hate being on a plane and not being able to read something when I can’t sleep. I also can’t look at my phone or tablet for long in the dark without getting a headache. I am going to check out the first one, might get a few to have on hand.

  • Thanks for your great list. My light just broke and I was looking for another. I’m going to buy the 2nd light, it seems like the perfect one for me. I prefer cold light and I don’t mind buying the power cord as well. Do you know where I can find it?

  • The WalterDrake Headboard Light looks to be the right choice for me. I have a very tall headboard so that won’t be an issue, and I can use low power, colored bulbs which is a plus. It shouldn’t disturb my husband either, my current light sometimes does. Great list, guys!

  • Hi, thank you for this informative list. I’m looking for a book light to buy for my wife, she sits in her armchair reading late at night. It seems as though the clip-on light would be best for her, but your negative point about staining books concerns me. Can that be avoided somehow?

  • Hi, thanks for the question.
    Interesting and more detailed information can be found here:
    Warm white or cool white better for eyes

  • I have a question, if anyone can answer… Of all of these book lights for reading in bed, which would be best for someone in their 70’s? My mother loves to read before going to bed but her eyes have gotten worse over the years and the nightstand lamp isn’t enough light for her anymore.

  • I have YET to find a book like that works the way I need it to. I have issues with my eyes and love reading but if the light is too dim or too bright, I get horrible migraines. I will check out the reviews for the ones you listed here. Hopefully I can find one that works for me.

  • I think I am already sold on that Never-Failing Book Light! That is such an amazing idea. All the ones I have ever owned needed to be plugged into a USB or ran on batteries and for the amount I read, it just isn’t worth it. I am going to order one of these soon.

  • Great buying guide. I bought a few book lights off Walmart last year and loved them but they both stopped working after a few months. I didn’t want to buy junk again so I was looking for real feedback based on reviews and I found it. This will help me make a better purchase this time around.