5 Best Floor Lamps for Reading, Working and Studying

Whether you are furnishing your new home or sprucing up a place you live in, you should get one of the best floor lamps for reading. Lounging on a couch with a book or magazine will get much more enjoyable with a bright, pleasant light coming from a stylish lamp. A floor lamp is not just a utilitarian fixture. It is also a design element that can either become an interesting accent piece or an understated finishing touch to the style concept of the room. Nevertheless, a practical side is also very important, especially if you spend a lot of time reading, crafting, working on a computer or doing other activities that require visual concentration.

Floor lamps for reading come in a variety of styles: industrial, modern, contemporary, classic, bohemian, colonial, art deco and so many others. You will definitely find something to your liking. Let’s start here with the best reading floor lamp reviews.

Best Floor Lamps for Reading in December, 2018

ProductColor TemperatureBrightness (lumens)HeightOther Features 
(Editor’s Choice)
Multiple, from 3000K to 6500K18155.5 feetDimmable, 1-hour timer, transforms into a table lamp Check Price
Brightech Litespan
(Editor’s Choice)
6000K20005 feetDimmable Check Price
Brightech SKY3000K30005.5 feetDimmable Check Price
Tomons WoodDepends on the bulbDepends on the bulb4.8 feetNone Check Price
Brightech Madison3000K8004.7 feetIntegrated side table,2 USB ports Check Price

1. VAVA Dimmable LED Reading Lamp – The Best Floor Lamp For Living Room

adjustable floor lamp reviewsThis is an adjustable floor lamp that can be used for various purposes, including reading.

It is rather versatile and offers several options of use.
  1. First of all, this lamp has 5 different color temperatures available from soft amber to bluish daylight. Additionally, there is a built-in dimmer that allows you to add or reduce brightness. By changing color temperatures and brightness levels you can adjust the light to each particular task and surroundings.
  2. Another customizable feature is the height of the lamp. It is designed to be used as a floor lamp most of the time, but when needed it can be transformed into a table lamp by simply removing the poles that add length.
  3. Finally, there is a 1-hour timer option. It might come in handy if you tend to doze off while reading. In that case the lamp will shut down automatically instead of shining right in your face while you sleep.

The lamp is made of the meal with a black matte finish. The light is provided by a 12-Watt LED fixture. On maximum brightness, it puts out 1815 lumens – enough to light up a small room. The LED fixture is non-replaceable and is claimed to have a 50000-hour lifespan.

The floor lamp has a flexible gooseneck, which bends all the way along and in every direction. The base is quite stable to allow the head to be positioned at any angle you may prefer without a risk of tipping over.


  1. 5 color temperatures.
  2. 5 brightness levels.
  3. Non-replaceable LED lighting.
  4. 1815-lumen light output (on max brightness).
  5. Built-in timer.
  6. Transforms into a table lamp.
  7. Flexible gooseneck.
  • 5 color temperature modes and 5 brightness levels allow you to adjust the output according to your needs and preferences.
  • Simple control.
  • Features a one-hour timer option.
  • Easy to assemble in two ways – as a floor lamp or as a table lamp.
  • Features a long-lasting integrated LED lighting fixture, which uses only 12 Watts of power.
  • Flexible neck allows you to position the light in any direction.
  • Sleek, modern design.
  • Touch control buttons are too sensitive, so it’s easy to mess up the settings by accident.
  • The LED panel is not replaceable, so in case it goes out of order, the lamp will be of no use.


The Vava floor lamp is a truly versatile lamp that can offer a wide range of application options. It is among the best floor lamps for bright light. With its 5 brightness levels and 5 color temperature modes it can satisfy all kinds of needs. A flexible neck and removable poles add up to versatility of this lamp. It has some minor drawbacks, which are positively outweighed by its strong sides.

2. Brightech Litespan Reading and Craft Floor Lamp – The Best Natural Light Floor Lamp

super bright floor lamp reviewsThis is a contemporary style floor lamp that can be used in a bedroom, a study, a living room or a home work zone. It comes in five different finishes, each of which is equally stylish and can blend in with any room decor. The lamp has a built-in LED lighting fixture, which emits 2000 lumens of light. It is bright enough to illuminate the whole room, but if you don’t need that much light, you can adjust the dimmer to the comfortable level of brightness. Since the lamp has a cluster of diodes instead of a single bulb the light gets dispersed and no glare appears on the objects under it. A quality diffuser makes the light even more evenly distributed.

The Litespan floor lamp is easy to use and move around. It has a flexible neck that turns in every direction so that you can adjust it to throw light on the area where you need it the most. It can be used to illuminate a sitting area in a living room or a desk in a study. The lamp emits cool white light, which is perfect for reading and doing crafts, such as sewing, crocheting, knitting, drawing, etc. At night the lamp can be used as a nightlight to guide your way through the room without having to turn on bright overhead lights.

Features and benefits

  1. 12-Watt LED light fixture which puts out 2000 lumens. This is a super bright floor lamp.
  2. 5 feet tall.
  3. Available in 5 different finishes.
  4. Contemporary style.
  5. Dimmable cool white light.
  • Flexible gooseneck allows a user to direct the light on a particular area where it is needed the most.
  • The stable base won’t let the lamp tip over no matter in what position its head is.
  • Energy efficient LED lighting can last up to 20 years.
  • Adjustable brightness.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • When the lamp is on it can interfere with the radio or television broadcasting frequencies.
  • The on/off switch is constantly illuminated, which might be an inconvenience if you want complete darkness in your room.


The Brightech Lightspan is an adjustable LED floor lamp designed for reading and hobbies. It provides bright dimmable light of a cool spectrum. One if its key features is an adjustable gooseneck, which, however, is not as versatile as it should be. If flexibility is a key point for you, this floor lamp might not satisfy your needs to the fullest.

3. Brightech SKY LED Torchiere Floor Lamp – The Brightest Torchiere Floor Lamp

torchiere floor lamp reviewsWhen we hear about torchieres, often an old-fashioned floor lamp with a curved bowl-shaped upward facing lamp shade comes to our minds. Brightech proves that there are other types of torchieres that can actually fit in with an upscale modern interior. The Brightech Sky LED Torchiere is a sleek floor lamp, designed with minimalism in mind. Its refined design does not include any extra elements, just simple clean lines.

The floor lamp consists of a metal pole, a base and a flat disk with an LED light on top. This is an upward-facing lamp that can be used for ambient lighting and task lighting. Brightech Sky is the brightest floor lamp in our today’s pick. It puts out 3000 lumens, enough to illuminate the whole room. A one-button control turns the lamp on and off and enables a three-step dimmer.

The lamp emits warm 3000K light, which creates a cozy ambiance and allows you to read and work on a computer without straining your eyes. In the initial position, a head is faced upwards, but it can be tilted in any direction to focus a light on a particular spot. The lamp is available in five stylish finishes to complement a modern decor.

Features and benefits

  1. 3000K color temperature.
  2. Light output: 3000 lumens.
  3. Three levels of brightness.
  4. Available in five finishes.
  5. Tilting head.
  6. Understated, ultra-modern design.
  • Warm bright light is friendly to the eyes.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Sleek, futuristic design.
  • Heavy base allows it to stand firmly on the floor.
  • Three-level dimmable light.
  • 360 degrees tilting head.
  • The light is facing upwards, so you only receive a reflected light, which is not as bright as direct light.
  • The brightest mode is set by default each time the lamp is turned on.


The Brightech Sky LED floor lamp is an unconventional torchiere-style lamp. Its minimalist design will look well-placed in modern, contemporary or high-tech interiors. Its unobtrusive design might be highly appreciated by those who strive to avoid visual clutter. This floor lamp is exceptionally bright, but in comparison with downward-facing lamps it’s not focused enough.

4. Tomons Wood Floor Lamp – A Lamp with the Best Light Bulb For Reading

best light bulb for reading reviewsThis wooden floor lamp brings a casual, relaxing vibe to a room. It looks like an enlarged floor version of a traditional swing-arm table lamp. Its head can be positioned at any angle within a 210-degree range and be secured in that position with a metal fastener. The lamp has a socket for a 40-Watt equivalent bulb. A bright 8-Watt LED bulb comes in a package (you can use any other bulb, as long as it does not exceed the specified wattage limit).

The white metal lampshade gently diffuses light, making it pleasant to an eye. A combination of warm light and light-brown wood creates a welcoming, cozy ambiance. This lamp will look great in a contemporary style bedroom, living room or study. Its base is rather heavy, so there is very little risk of it tipping over. Although the floor lamp has a crooked silhouette, the only adjustable part is its head. A nylon power cord that runs all the way up to the head unhidden is also a part of the design.


  1. Swivel arm.
  2. E27/E26 socket for an equivalent of a 40W incandescent light bulb.
  3. 8W LED bulb is included. This is the best light bulb for a reading lamp.
  4. Made of solid rubber wood.
  5. Metal lampshade and base.
  6. Casual style.
  • Eco-friendly design.
  • Comes with an LED bulb so you can start using it immediately.
  • Adjustable head tilts within a range of 210 degrees.
  • Heavy metal base (6.5 pounds) keeps a lamp stable.
  • Bulbs can be replaced as many times as needed. Lifespan of the lamp does not depend on lifespan of a bulb.
  • To adjust a head at the desired angle one has to manually unscrew a fastener and then screw it back while holding a head in a new position. That is not particularly convenient, especially if needs to be done often.
  • A power switch is located on a cord, several inches away from the base – another inconvenience.


The Tomons Wood floor lamp can be used for reading or as an ambient light. Its casual design will work great with an eco-style interior. The swivel arm allows you to choose an optimal angle of light, but adjusting requires some manipulations with a fastener. Unlike most of the new generation floor lamps, this one has a replaceable bulb.

5. Brightech Madison LED Floor Lamp – The Best Reading Lamp for Eyes

best reading lamp for eyes reviewsThe Brightech Madison lamp is a 2-in-1 fixture – a floor lamp and a side table. This lamp might be a good choice for you if functionality is your main priority. Besides, this is a swing-arm lamp, which means you can adjust its head to have the light right where you need it. The lamp puts out warm white light (3000 Kelvin degrees), which is pleasant to the eyes and creates a cozy and inviting ambience. Therefore, this floor lamp can be used not only for reading, but also as an ambient or accent lighting.

As for the brightness, it is slightly lower than in most task lamps – only 800 lumens. While this floor lamp is quite suitable for reading, it might be too dim for fine work, such as sewing or stitching. The best place for this lamp would beat the bedside or by the couch or an armchair in a sitting area. A table that comes with it can be used for display or storage. It has two lower shelves, where you can keep books, magazines, discs, souvenirs and other small things.

A great thing about this table lamp is that it features two USB-ports and a power outlet. You can charge your phone, work on a laptop, or use any other electric device without having to leave your cozy nest.

A 12-inch semi-transparent lamp shade does a great job diffusing the light making it soft, but not stealing too much of the brightness. There are three lamp shade options available: white, black pattern and dark brown pattern.

Features and benefits

  1. Art deco style.
  2. 3000K warm white light.
  3. 5-Watt LED lighting fixture (800 Lumens).
  4. Includes a side table with two shelves.
  5. 2 USB ports and a power outlet.
  6. Available in three designs.
  7. 7 feet tall.
  • Warm light creates a comforting ambiance while being sufficient to read by.
  • An incorporated side table with storage shelves makes it perfect for a bedroom or a sitting area.
  • Two USB ports and an electrical outlet help manage cables and allow you to have all the necessary devices at hand.
  • A swiveling arm turns 360 degrees allowing you to adjust the direction of light.
  • The light is not bright enough for fine work and crafts.
  • The head is not fully adjustable. It turns on its axis, but cannot be faced upwards or sideways.
  • Labeled USB ports and a socket are located at the front of the table, which does not look very aesthetically.


The Brightech Madison floor lamp might be a nice option for space optimization. Its 2-in-1 design that combines a lamp and a side table makes it a perfect fit for a bedroom or a sitting area. This floor lamp can be used for reading and setting a mood. It functionality is enhanced by a power outlet and two USB ports, but their location could have been designed more thoughtfully.

What do the best floor lamps for reading have in common? A Buyer’s Guide to Choosing the Right One

As you have already learnt, not all floor lamps are the same. They can serve different purposes and thus, have different technical characteristics and features. Reading lamps (or task lamps) are designed to provide additional light where it is most needed at the moment. Although a floor lamp for reading can serve other purposes, such lighting up a whole room, its main purpose is to illuminate your projects. So what are the main characteristics that define a good reading lamp?

best reading lamps on the floor reviewsBrightness&Color temperature

Naturally, a floor lamp for reading should be bright. At least, brighter than the overhead light in the same room. As we know, brightness is measured in lumens. As a rule of thumb, the greater the number, the higher the brightness. Task lighting usually has high numbers of lumens, over 1000. There are floor lamps that can put out 2000 lumens and more. You probably won’t need that much illumination, but most modern floor lamps are dimmable, so you will be able to adjust the brightness to a comfortable level. Floor lamps that give off a lot of light are the most suitable for studies, offices and workshops.

Another important characteristic of a floor lamp is color temperature. Artificial light is not crystal clear. It always has some hue to it, which is described in degrees of Kelvin. The higher the temperature, the cooler the color of light. A range between 2000K and 3000K is referred to as warm light while the temperatures up to 4500K are described as cool light. Everything that is higher is called “daylight” and is seldom used in floor lamps for reading. Temperatures between 3000K and 4000K are the ones that can be found in task lamps the most often. This spectrum is also the friendliest to our eyes. The best floor lamps for the bedroom are those that have color temperatures between 2000K and 3000K.


The optimal height of a lamp depends on many factors, including the height of furniture you use, your own height, and the type of lamp. Although most floor lamps are more or less of the same height, sometimes even a slight difference can make a dramatic change. Some floor lamps have adjustable heights, so they can be used in a wider range of settings than lamps with fixed heights.
There are several tips that can help you choose a lamp of an optimal height:

  1. A downward facing floor lamp should shine on pages you read from above, not from the side. In that case, illumination will be the most efficient.
  2. A lamp with a shade can be a little lower, but not lower than the level of your eyes as you sit. If the lamp is too tall you will not get the most out of it, since some of the light will get dispersed before reaching the pages.

Type of light source

Not so long ago most of the floor lamps featured incandescent bulbs. Today, when energy efficiency is a key, more and more manufacturers start using integrated LED lighting fixtures. LED lights are the best choice because of their energy efficiency, ability to put out light in different spectrums (both cool and warm), long lifespan and safety (they don’t get hot and can be disposed of in regular way without causing harm to nature, unlike fluorescent bulbs). Besides, a warm white LED bulb is also the best light bulb for reading at night. A major drawback of integrated LED panels is that they cannot be replaced.


Now look answers to the most frequently asked questions.

What is the best light for reading and studying?

First of all, a floor lamp should be bright enough to sufficiently illuminate a working area. It should not be too glaring, though, or it will hurt your eyes. Warm white light is considered better for our eyes than cool light. Besides, it is very important for the reading lamp to be non-flickering.

What type of floor lamp gives the most light?

The amount of light emitted by a lamp depends on the type and wattage of a bulb and the type of lampshade. Most modern floor lamps have LED bulbs, which are rather bright, energy efficient and long-lasting. As for the lampshades, there is a wide array of different kinds, some of which are more suitable for reading than the others. See-through lampshades made of light-colored or white materials are the best in terms of lighting efficiency.

What types of floor lamps are the best for reading?

There are many types of floor lamps, but not all of them are suitable for reading. For instance, torch lamps with reading light are great, but since the light is turned upwards, they are not effective in illuminating a working area. In contrast, lamps with downward facing heads, such as task (or downbridge) lamps, console lamps, and arching lamps are the most suitable for reading, working and studying.

Conclusion and recommendations

Reading is one of the most enjoyable leisure-time activities. To make it even more enjoyable you should take care of proper lighting. While overhead lighting is usually not bright enough and table lamps are not always appropriate, a floor lamp for reading is the best choice. As you can see, the selection of such lamps is infinitely wide. The bottom line is to find a floor lamp that you will love and enjoy using. Maybe one of the lamps reviewed in this article is the one for you. If not, just keep looking, there are so many other great options out there. For instance, Madison Italian bronze floor lamp, which didn’t make it to our top-5 list, but is still worthy of your attention. For more inspiration just type best floor lamps apartment therapy in a browser and you will find thousands of floor lamp ideas. Enjoy!

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