Best Lighted Travel Mirror – 10x Magnifying Lighted Makeup Mirrors

lighted travel mirror reviewsIf you have ever tried applying your makeup in a poorly lit room, you know the difference lighting can make. It must have turned out to be a mess and you might have seen the unblended foundation atop your face when you catch a glimpse of yourself in the sun. When you use a too bright light to apply your makeup, you are likely to fail achieving the perfect dramatic mark you had planned. If you are at home, you have all the right makeup products and your vanity mirror to get the perfect look you desire.

But when adventure or business trip calls out for and you pack for a big vacation, you need to choose your makeup accessories to carry along. You might settle on handheld mirrors which can break anytime during the journey or rely on the compact mirror of your pressed powder which barely lets you see anything.

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This is where Lighted Travel Mirrors come in. They are designed to keep you from giving up on the thought of achieving a great makeup finish when out of the home. A lighted vanity mirror serves the purpose of providing the right equilibrium of soft and bright light to help you apply the makeup perfectly in any condition.

They are travel-friendly and can be carried anywhere to make your makeup application a breeze, regardless of the place you go and the light conditions there. These lighted travel mirrors come with magnifying ability up to 10 times to let you see the minute details clearly. They fold down easily and often come with suction cups to secure to any surface for convenient use. Read on to find out our best recommendations for Lighted Travel Mirrors!

Best Lighted Travel Mirror – 10x Magnifying Lighted Makeup Mirror

lighted travel mirror 10x manualSpecially designed to allow users to achieve a flawless makeup finish in low-lit areas, Lighted Travel Mirrors are travel-friendly and portable and can be packed in any bag for easy carrying. Ideal for a bathroom counter or vanity, these mirrors include lighting options and high magnifications that enable you to handle your beauty regimes conveniently. Available in many portable designs and sizes, you can choose the option that matches your requirement and preferences.

There are many features which make travel vanity mirrors with lighting different from others. You can consider these features to pick the best mirror for you. Here is the Interesting information to consider:

Important features

Power Source – The method used to power the lights in the mirror can be either a permanent cable, batteries or detachable cable. Modern vanity mirrors with lights come with a combination of power sources, generally detachable cable and batteries.

10x lighted makeup mirror reviewsMagnification – The size enhancement provided by the mirror differs to a varying level for travel mirrors. Many mirrors even offer varying levels of magnification with multiple panels. The highest level of magnification in travel mirrors with light is generally 10x though 2x, 3x and 5x are common. Such mirrors are great for those who want to work on details or those with a declining vision. A magnified mirror usually has a harder and more durable surface than a regular mirror.

Size – This is actually the height of the mirror which is measured in inches. This feature is an important consideration and the size requirements can vary from person to person.

Shape – Mirror surface shape can be circular or rectangular.

vanity mirror with lights cheapLight – It can be anything from cool (light blue) to warm (red) and change the way you look based on the lighting condition.

Portability – Ease of transporting the vanity mirror is quite important for those used for travel. Small mirrors are designed to be carried easily and even include carrying cases.

Foldability – Travel vanity mirrors designed to be portable often fold for protection. Mirrors with multiple panels fold over each other. Some even have detachable lids.

Attachment – The method used to attach the mirror to a surface is considered to suit the use. While most mirrors are free-standing, some come with attachment arms which can be mounted using claws or suction cups.

Vanity Mirror With Lights

While there are hundreds of options available in the market for travel vanity mirrors with light and magnification, here are our top recommendations based on the best combination of features offered:large 10x magnifying mirror with light

Fancii Square 10X Magnifying Lighted Makeup Mirror

This lighted travel mirror in a square shape is large enough to apply the perfect makeup. This it features natural daylight LEDs and is cordless. It operates on batteries and is ideal for travel. It offers an excellent magnification of 10x and comes with a suction attachment for easy mounting plus 360-degree rotation facilitates convenient to use.

KEDSUM Flexible Gooseneck Mirror

A stylish vanity mirror with an adjustable and bendable gooseneck, the lighted travel mirror adjusts to any height to suit your requirement. It offers a powerful 10x magnification and features 14 bright LED lights to serve low-lit conditions. It is cordless and relies on batteries and highly convenient. When folded, the mirror occupies only half a square foot of space.

KEDSUM Lighted Magnifying Makeup Mirror with 3 Lighting Regime

Powered by batteries, this product has two mirrors:

  • a standard mirror that shows your true face;
  • a distortion-free 10x mirror which works for tweezing, mascara application and plucking.

This portable mirror is durable and rotates 330 degrees to suit different occasions.

FASCINATE LED Lighted Makeup Mirror

A small vanity mirror with a ring light, this mirror from Rucci does not take up much space. It is smaller than other mirrors and easily fits in small vanities and travel bags. The ring light is thick enough to provide better light at low levels, saving your eyes from fatigue. It offers a magnification of up to 10 times and acrylic finish makes it durable.

folding vanity mirror with lightsKEDSUM LED Compact Folding Vanity and Travel Mirror

Ideal for traveling, this compact and foldable mirror has a small size of 4.5 x 4.5 x 1.2 inches. The travel mirror has LED bulbs to light up the face and offers a magnification of up to 10 times. It is battery operated and works great for home as well as an office.


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