Best Nightlight For Nursery: A Buyer’s Guide To Choosing

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best nightlight for nursery reviews Giving birth to a baby is a turning point in every parent’s life. In addition, it is the time to make multiple purchases to make the living of an infant comfortable. In addition to the crib, clothes, stroller it is important to choose the best nightlight for nursery. A little baby must not sleep in the complete darkness as it may get afraid. In addition, a nightlight is needed by parents who have to come up to the baby crib several times per night. Newborn infants can rarely have an all-night sleep, so a nightlight will prevent adults from switching the light to control the sleep of their baby.

A nightlight is also a very important thing for toddlers, who start sleeping on their own and have a tendency to be afraid of darkness. The main feature of the nursery nightlight is being mild. It does not influence the eyesight negatively because of the sudden light stroke-like ordinary lamps do. And creates a lovely lullaby atmosphere and excellent visibility. Both a baby and parents will have a great nap with a nursery nightlight switched on. So now it is time to choose the best one to be used in your nursery room.
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Which One Top Nightlight For Nursery in 2024

1. Bubzi Co Baby Portable Sound Machine: Excellent Toddler Night Light With Music

toddler nightlight animal with musicToddlers who would like to have not only a night light but also a soft and singing friend consider this example one of the most suitable ones. Made in the form of an owl this wise old creature will soothe a child to sleep without any difficulties. It unites gentle lullabies and soft ambient light so that a baby could fall asleep fast. There are 10 different sounds including songs, melodies, heart-beat sound and natural birdsong. In addition, they turn off automatically in 30 minutes so you should not worry your kid with any noise.

A lovely melody might be accompanied by a colorful galaxy of stars projection produced by warm light nightlight. Pressing a single button you will see multiple stars both on the ceiling and walls that are rotating around the room. Adults get a chance to adjust the melody volume or switch on and off the lights without interfering with songs.

Cute, soft and cuddly this little owl can be taken anywhere with as it is operated by batteries that are included so you will use it immediately after the purchase. This toy is very entertaining and can keep a baby busy while mom is doing anything. If a parent does not want a child to play with the light, he should easily remove it from the owl’s tummy and a secure and soft toy will remain in the kid’s hands.

The nursery night light with songs weighs 12.6 ounces and must be washed without the mechanism.

Additional features

  1. 10 songs
  2. Rotating stars projection
  3. Strap included
  4. Automatical switch off


Meant for toddlers this really interesting thing combines features of a music toy and a night light. Children adore plush toys, let alone those that sing and project colorful rotating stars. No wonder that this owl becomes one of the most favorite toys among kids. It is great that you are allowed to remove a battery pack and wash the toy. Though some users remark that the light is too bright to use in the nursery, the nightlight is not meant for babies, so the verdict is only positive – a great thing to choose as a gift as it will make every kid happy.

  • Melodies are soothing and noiseless;
  • Cordless sleep nightlight;
  • Attached with a strap;
  • Safe high-quality item;
  • 3 levels of volume control;
  • Washable thanks to the remove
  • able battery pack.
  • Very bright light to interfere with baby’s eyes in the nursery;
  • Sucks batteries very quickly.

2. Hontry Night Light Projector with Timer: Superb Colorful Starry Night Lights For Kids And Adults

rotating projector with timer auto shutLooking for something more universal rather than a kiddish nightlight, this wonderful lamplight will not leave you disappointed. If used at night it creates an impression of the sky full of stars. The star projection will be everywhere from walls to the ceiling and it will not only let a child daydream but also create a special adult romantic or party atmosphere. This light might be also used as a festival or holiday decoration as well as work as a table lamp. According to the manufacturer, the night light must be used since 1 year.

This light offers kids and adults illuminations of four different colors: warm white, blue, red and green. It is a bright LED light projector that can be used for practical purposes too. If you switch on the white light, it will serve as a lantern. It is possible to hang it anywhere due to the sling accessory included. It is also equipped with a new engine that is absolutely silent even when you change the light color.

One of the most important features of this light is auto time setting. Enjoy choosing how many minutes it should work so that the kids could lull into the dreamland and then it will switch off automatically. In addition, it is very easy to use it as there are only 4 small buttons A, B, C and D. The button A – single light; a button B – color light; a button C – rotation control and button D – time setting.

The nursery night light is powered in two ways: using 4 AAA batteries (not included) or by means of DC power supply. It allows using it on site or making it portable. The product weight is 8 ounces as it is made of plastic.

Additional features

  1. Adjustable timer
  2. Sling included
  3. Rotation


This nightlight could be used not only at night for sleep as it has several practical functions. Two possible ways to power it makes it possible to use it as a table lamp, a source of light in the tent or a flashlight if you go anywhere. The projection of stars in the nursery is really wonderful thanks to multiple coloring and rotation. Ease of use and presence of timer make it comfortable and convenient in many life situations. Excellent light with different functions!

  • Flexible settings;
  • Suitable for kids and adults;
  • Easy to use;
  • Practical;
  • Different color combinations;
  • Realistic projection.
  • Plastic could be easily broken;
  • Is not suitable for very big rooms.

3. Cloud B Twilight Plush Toy:  Bright And Versatile Kids Night Light Star Projector

versatile kids night light reviewBeing a combination of a soft toy and nightlight this wonderful Art Deco item will create an atmosphere of a night sky filled with stars. A lovely pink ladybug with big eyes, a smiley face and soft paws and tail looking out of the ceramic shell will be very interesting to explore at first sight. As soon as night comes, gazing at multiple little stars both on the ceiling and walls a child will float away in a peaceful slumber forgetting about possible fears. The shell projector of the ladybug works full night and can illuminate in three different colors: Sapphire Blue, Emerald Green & Ruby Red. It projects three different constellations so a child will never get tired of looking at a single picture all the time and have a dim light in the nursery.

The product aims at children who are 3 years and older. This soft plush toy with a ceramic shining shell will be a great gift as due to the Twilight Ladybug Star Guide and Story a child will learn much new about constellations and get a new friend with a life story.

The nightlight is unisex and absolutely safe. Made of BPA Free, Phthalate Free, Latex Free and Lead Free materials it is operated by 2AA batteries that are included. Thanks to Auto shut-off 45-minute sleep timer the batteries will serve a long period of time. The item weighs 12.3 ounces and combines soft and hard materials.

Additional features

  1. Three-color illuminations
  2. 45-minute timer


Ladybug nightlight is a great gift to present to every child over 3 years. It combines features of a nice soft toy and a projector. The quality of stars projection is very good, they are distinct despite their huge number. Bright illuminations are not distracting and encourage to have a nap. However, parents should be careful to give it to children to play with it as it will break if thrown or hit. At the same time, it performs its main function – to light the room dimly and transit to sleeping very well. Moreover, it is adored by children of different age, so will be an excellent sleep companion.

  • Possibility to choose a single color to stay or switch on the changing of colors;
  • Bright colors;
  • Guarantees a soothing transition to sleep;
  • Good quality;
  • Durable.
  • It does not stay all night;
  • The necessity to change batteries regularly.

4. Rossetta Star Galaxy Projector: Good Color Changing Night Light

nightlight for kids roomThis nightlight is the best choice for people who like falling asleep listening to the sea waves. It guarantees relaxation, comfort and soothing effect thanks to the bright colorful light show. You can follow all the ocean shades thanks to 8 color and brightness modes. There are powerful LED lights with the adjustable light direction. Its unique feature is a built-in mini speaker that allows listening to your favorite music as you can plug it in any device. You are not restricted to a couple of melodies.

There is an automatic shut off after an hour not to disturb the already sleeping children or adults. It can be used for a nursery but in fact, it would work better in the bathroom or adult bedroom whose residents can appreciate that unique ocean watery atmosphere. Weighing only 1.25 lbs it is made of plastic and USB charged.

Additional features

  1. Ocean-like projection
  2. 8 light modes
  3. In-built speaker with USB connection


This nightlight can be hardly called the best nightlight for kids room as its quite bright colors and blinking projection are too much for infant’s eyes. However, it is a cool gift to give adults or grown-up children who like sea and ocean and can appreciate the feature of using a speaker for listening to your best playlist. Its great benefit is being cordless and without batteries, but at the same time the quality of plastic is also quite unreliable. An exclusive adult night light, not kids.

  • Very bright;
  • Covers enough area;
  • The smooth clear sound of the speaker;
  • Exclusive ocean like projection.
  • The motor is a bit noisy;
  • Can be easily crashed.

5. ENHANCE LED Globe Night Light: Great Soothing Led Night Lights For Kids And Adults

led globe night lightProduced by a popular Enhance company this nightlight for a nursery is very versatile and will be appreciated by adults as well. Meant as one of the types of night lights for children it offers 4 light changing modes: it can flash or strobe, fade or provide smooth light. You can also choose any from 256 different combinations of colors and modes using a comfortable wireless remote control. It allows changing colors, modes, adjust brightness without a necessity to leave your comfortable position.

The LED light is very bright so can have not only a soothing effect. It can be used both as a stationary light source and on-the-go. There are two different power sources for each of these functions: AC adapter or AAA batteries that can work up to 15 hours incessantly (not included).

The nursery nightlight provides serene peaceful lighting that can be adjusted to the person’s mood. It weighs only 1.21 pounds and has 3 years of warranty.

Additional features

  1. 4 modes
  2. 16 colors
  3. 256 combinations
  4. Remote control
  5. 2 power sources


A globe is a very interesting nursery nightlight solution thanks to multiple colors and modes it offers. You can use it differently every day depending on your mood and take it with if needed. There are two power sources to choose and a remote control that makes the procedure of light changing comfortable and relaxing. It will look great in every room, but children of small age must not be allowed to touch it as it can break down easily. But if you put it away from kids, it will serve you well and within a long period of time. Wonderful choice of a nightlight: both children and people of different age will adore it.

  • Easy to operate;
  • Wireless remote control;
  • Does not get hot;
  • Reliable and durable;
  • Quite sizable;
  • Lightweight;
  • Bright a source of light for children.
  • Impossible to control device if remote is lost or broken;
  • Can break easily if knocked or thrown.

Frequently Asked Questions About How to Choose Coolest Night Light Ever?

The main goal of every nightlight is to light the nursery at night. Children have always been afraid of darkness and night light can help them to cope with their fears and phobias. Giving a gentle glow the room becomes visible at night but it does not interfere with the sleep. Vice versa, it helps to make the transition into sleep more soothing and pleasant. It is not easy for a child or adult to fall asleep with the bright light on as the human organism continues to be active because of it and can not relax.

Modern night lights for nursery not only provide this ambient glow but also have many other features for parents and children to take advantage of. There are musical lamps for babies and once made in the form of a soft toy, so it is important to consider all the benefits and drawbacks of the nightlight before making a final choice. Let’s see what features you should evaluate choosing night lights for infants and older children.

Nightlight type

There are several basic night lights distinguished. The main differences between them are the material they made from, energy source, and the way they give off light. The most common types of night light lamps for the nursery are the following ones:

  • Plug-in nightlight;
  • Projection nightlight;
  • Soft toy-like nightlight;
  • Portable nightlight;
  • Lamp and shade;
  • Candle.

As you can see there are many types of lights you can use in the room, but not all of them are safe. The most secure and widely used ones are projection, soft and portable nightlights. They can be operated by batteries, cord or AC adapter, so can be a combination of different nightlight types.

Color of light

Many parents wonder “what color night light is best for babies?” thinking that blue or white are the most soothing ones. However, according to the research, the best colors to fall asleep are red and orange. It is connected with the range of colors a baby sees in the womb. At the same time, it can be rather a personal choice as many children just prefer their favorite shade to gaze at and scientific researches make no sense for them.


You should remember that a nightlight should have gentle illumination or it may disturb the child falling asleep. There is a way how to check the night light brightness. Wait for complete darkness, switch on the light, lie on the bed and turn to it with eyes closed: if you can see the light through your eyelids, the conclusion is obvious – it is too bright.

best nursery nightlight guide

Additional features

Modern night lights have different characteristics. You might see examples with music, thermometer, handle or other accessories. It is also important for a plush nightlight to be washable so check if you can take out a power source. Consider the material it is made of for it to be safe and durable.

Energy source

The most comfortable type of energy source is an AC adapter. You will switch it on whenever you want and not be afraid that soon there will be no charge. Portable night lights are mainly battery operated so you must be ready to buy or charge batteries regularly. There are also light with cords, but they are difficult to call safe.


An automatic or adjustable timer is a very important feature of the nightlight. Do you want to wake up at night and switch it off making noise that can wake up a child? In this case, it is better to purchase night lights with a timer. Some children fall asleep quickly while others may spend more than an hour in the bed before they start dreaming. That is why a possibility to adjust time and it means to save energy and parent’s healthy sleep is very important.

Built-in sensor

One more great feature for nursery nightlight is a built-in sensor. It will switch off the night light when the sun rises up or react to motion as soon as you enter the room.

Night light globe type

Many children choose a nightlight according to the type of the globe it has. It goes without saying that children prefer different animals or interesting forms. There are multiple toy-like projectors but the number of more standard forms is also big. It can be a globe, cup, egg, bowl, ball, or something with modern design.

It is also important to consider if you can replace a bulb if it dies or you will have to buy and nightlight. Experts advise preferring LED lights for kids as they do not give away heat.


When you choose a good nightlight for the nursery, you will undoubtedly get a number of unsurpassed benefits: excellent sleep for you and your child, good visibility in the room and energy efficacy.

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