LittleHippo Alarm Clock – Review

Are you fed up with feeling nauseous and sleepy? Do you find it difficult to fall asleep at night? Don’t settle for the night light and the sound of other alarm clocks sleeping with a small hippo.

Improve Your Sleep with LittleHippo Night Light and Good Sleep Aid

Featuring sounds for a relaxing sleep, the Mella alarm clock lets you choose from a wide range of soothing sounds, including white noise, tropical rain forests, ocean waves, and soft lullaby songs. An adjustable volume control lets you tailor the sound to your preference, ensuring a perfect night’s sleep every time.

In addition to the sound of sleep, the Little Hippo alarm clock’s night light provides a soft glow, the glow of which can be adjusted to your preference. The warm, comforting glow provides a relaxing and soothing ambiance.

But the night alarm clock not only keeps you cozy, it also serves as a reliable alarm clock. He also works as a reliable alarm. An easy to read screen shows the date and time and allows you to set the alarm clock to wake you up. Accompanied by sleep, you can enjoy a few extra minutes of sleep without worrying about interruptions.

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Key Features and Product Properties

Was the lazy zy sound of an alarm clock enough to wake you up? This Little Hippo Alarm Clock will change your morning. With soft light and soothing sounds, this alarm clock will surely help you start the day well.

1. 3-in-1 function:

This alarm clock and sound signal for sleep combines three major functions in one device, making it a flexible and comfortable choice in the bedroom. An alarm clock, night light, and sound sleep help you relax and lead a measured life for the best night’s sleep.

2. Adjustable night light:

The Little Cal Arm Clock Night Light is equipped with a smooth adjustable night light. This ensures a smooth, warm glow perfect for the safety and protection of children. The degree of brightness can be easily adapted to your preferences, creating a comfortable atmosphere for a relaxing sleep.

3. Soothing sounds for sleep:

Integrated sounds provide a variety of calming sounds, such as white noise, lullaby by songs, and nature sounds to relax and soothe baby before bedtime. Choose from a wide range of soothing sounds to create a calm atmosphere conducive to a deeply relaxing sleep.

4. User – friendly operation:

Alarm light and sleep sounds designed for this night light ensure comfortable operation. With instinctive operation, you can easily set the alarm, adjust the brightness of the night light, and select the desired sleep noise. Thanks to its small size and lightweight system, it is easy to transport and use in any room of the house.

5. Timermodus:

The timer function allows you to set specific sound phases for sleep, so you can fall asleep to relaxing sounds that will not pass through the night. This function helps conserve electricity and ensures a relaxing and undisturbed sleep. 6.

6. Battery or USB operation:

This alarm clock and sleep trainer can be comfortably used with batteries or a USB cable. While the battery version guarantees portability and can be used while on vacation or traveling, the version with USB cable is a reliable and energy efficient solution for daily use.

7. Sustainable and protected:

The night alarm clock is designed to last for a long time. Thanks to the child friendly system and materials, its use in children’s rooms is not dangerous. The device is stable against shocks and traps, guaranteeing long service life and durability.

8. Tight design:

The nightlight’s small, sophisticated design and alarm clock add elegance to the bedroom device. Current minimalist designs emphasize the cooperative atmosphere of the room, making them a sympathetic addition to any manner of interior design.

9. Great gift idea:

Thanks to its useful features and beautiful design, this alarm clock is an attentive and useful gift for family and friends. Whether it is a birthday or an inauguration gift, it is a versatile and useful gift that brings comfort and relaxation to everyone’s sleep routine.

little hippo mella clock

Multiple Alarm Clocks Little Hippo Mella

The Mella alarm clock is equipped with an adaptive light that slowly illuminates to mimic the morning sun. This soft light wakes you slowly from sleep and ensures a solid and comfortable life. Say goodbye to the annoying sound of an old-fashioned alarm clock and start a proper morning routine.

In addition to the alarm clock light, this alarm clock invites a variety of soothing sleep sounds that help you fall asleep faster and sleep peacefully throughout the night. From gentle rain to ocean rain, choose the sound that best suits your sleep preferences. Say goodbye to tossing and turning and hello to thoughtful sleep.

It comes equipped with important features such as brightness and volume controls, hinged buttons, and an integrated USB port for charging devices. Its small size makes it ideal for bedside tables or when traveling. Wake up in a comfortable way with a variety of nighttime lights and small hippo alarm clock sounds. Say goodbye to the annoying beeps of old-fashioned alarm clocks and choose one of the relaxing sounds that will gently wake you up. Whether it’s birdsong, crashing waves, or quiet music, this alarm clock will take care of you.

How to set little hippo alarm clock?

Not only does this alarm clock wake you up with different sounds, but you can also set numerous alarms for different times and days of the week. If you have to get to work early every day or need to plan a few days for the weekend, you can set this alarm clock to your liking. No more walking around with a confusing set of keys or trying to remember what day your alarm is set for, the LittleHippo Alarm Clock makes it easy to set and manage multiple alarms in an uncomplicated, intuitive work environment.

A wide range of alarm clock options, customizable features, and a nightlight with soothing sounds make it the perfect addition to any bedroom. Wake up refreshed and ready for the day with this innovative alarm clock.

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Snooze Mode

LittleHippo is designed to wake you up gently and peacefully. The snooze mode allows you to enjoy a few minutes of entertainment without worrying about losing your snooze.

The Slumber function interrupts the alarm sound for the time being, allowing you to go back to sleep. Simply press the sleep button on your alarm clock and get a few extra minutes of sleep before the alarm clock goes up again. Instead of waking up immediately, you can now relax and rest into your day.

Whether you need a few minutes of sleep or just want to enjoy the measured ambiance of nighttime light and sleep noise, the Night Alarm Clock is a comforting feature that improves nighttime sleep. Enjoy the advantage of soft, gradual awakenings with the alarm clock. Start your day well and sleep better than all others with this innovative and comfortable alarm clock.

Gradual Awakening

This is the right closure to start your day rejuvenated and energetic. Designed with innovative technology, this alarm clock mimics the natural sunrise and wakes you gently by gradually increasing the light. Get rid of stiff and annoying alarm clocks that do not respect your sleep and give you strange feelings.

The gradual wake-up feature allows you to adjust the wake-up time to your liking. Choose from a variety of soothing wake-up sounds, such as bird song accompanied by soft light or soothing ocean waves. Wake up relaxed and ready to start your day.

Little Hippo Mella ready to rise and not only makes your mornings better, it also helps you relax and get ready for a good night’s sleep. The integrated sunset simulation function allows you to gradually dim the light to create a relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom. You will easily fall asleep, wake up and feel rested.

Thanks to its sleek and progressive design, it fits seamlessly into any bedroom decor. Instinctive operation makes programming easy and the screen adapts mechanically to the room. Say goodbye to the classic alarm clock and embrace a fresh and energetic waking future. Think now and feel the difference.

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Night Light Littlehippo Mella Sleep Trainer

Enjoy a good night’s sleep with the Mella alarm clock. The night light guarantees a smooth, soft glow and provides a relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom. It makes for a soothing home and helps you relax and unwind before bedtime.

The night light has adjustable brightness values so you can choose the best light for your company. Whether you prefer a dim glow or an impressive light, the night light can be adapted to your preferences. Say goodbye to a subdued light and hello to a measured, relaxing glow. When creating a personal atmosphere in a room, you can choose colors that suit your mood and decor. From soothing blue tones to relaxing vegetable tones, our nightlights provide the perfect environment for a relaxing night’s sleep.

In addition to the soft glow and adjustable colors, the nightlight is equipped with a timer. This includes the possibility to mechanically turn off the nightlight after a specific time interval, saving electricity and not being disturbed during the night. This is the perfect solution for those who want night light without having to worry during the day.

Adjustable Brightness

The nightlight provides the perfect ambiance for a good night’s sleep, as the device has adjustable brightness. Whether you prefer a soft, dim light or a colorful glow, you can easily adjust the brightness to suit your preferences.

With adjustable brightness, you can tailor your sleep environment to promote relaxation and tranquility. Reducing the enlightening brightness creates a peaceful atmosphere and tells your body that it is time to relax and prepare for sleep. On the other hand, if you need light to feel safe at night, you can choose a light setting that brings a smooth glow without being very hard or distracting.

Thanks to its dim function, you can even use the nightlight as a reading light. Whether you want to read a few chapters before bed or earlier in the day, you can easily find the perfect brightness level to ease the pages without tiring your eyes.

Additionally, the alarm clock is the perfect “little hippo” for a child’s room. Educators have the opportunity to adjust the brightness to create a soothing nightlife and help babies feel calm and confident throughout the night.

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Pros/Cons and Common Queries (CFQs)


  • alarm clock with sound or silent alarm;
  • timer;
  • choice of sound options for sleep;
  • adjustable brightness and soft glow;
  • safe material.


  • not wide range of sounds;
  • volume is not adjustable;
  • maybe a little bright.

Can I use other music for my alarm clock besides the music built into Littlehippo Mella?

Yes, you can use personal music with the Mella Night alarm clock. It has an integrated Bluetooth function to connect to your cell phone or another device via Bluetooth. Once enabled, the device’s speaker will play your personal music. This is ideal if you have a specific number or a specific playlist that calms you to sleep. For a more personalized sleep experience, the sleep sound can be flexibly adjusted.

Does the LittleHippo alarm clock have a sleep button?

Yes, the Little Hippo alarm clock with night light and sleep noise has a sleep button. When the alarm goes off, press the Slumber button to pause the sign. This way you can snooze for a few minutes before the alarm clock rises again. If desired, you can also set the interval between alarms and adjust the duration of the alarms. The alarm button is located at the top of the device so you can easily get out and press it if you are not sleeping during the day.

Does the alarm clock have a backup battery?

Yes, the Littlehippo Mella Wekker has a backup feature. This means that in the event of a power failure or if the plug is pulled out of the socket, the alarm clock and options will be saved. The backup battery allows you to wake up on time and protect your selected alarm clock options. Additionally, you can be sure that the sleep function will not be interrupted by unexpected events.

How long does Mella stay green?

The transition from the yellow light of to the green light, which is the final light occurs in about 15 minutes.

little hippo mella battery

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Combining the functions of an alarm clock, night light, and sleep trainer, this innovative device is designed to help you get more sleep than all others. Its slender, modern design fits seamlessly into all bedroom decor, and its instinctive working environment makes it comfortable for use by people of all ages.

Invest in the best night’s sleep night after night. Soothing glow, adjustable brightness, adaptable colors, and a preferred timer make it perfect for every bedroom. Say goodbye to restless nights and say hello to a little relaxing sleep at night.

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