What Color Light Helps You Sleep the Best?

what color light helps you sleep the best
Sleeping in total darkness is the best way to get a good rest at night. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible. Do many people ask what color light helps you sleep? People sleep with the light on for different reasons. Some are afraid of darkness. Others need to get up several times during the night to take care of their babies. Parents are looking for the best nightlight for nursery. Still, others need light to navigate their way to the bathroom or kitchen. While the needs are different, the solution is the same – a night light. But there are so many kinds of night lights that it’s hard to choose the right one. In this article, we are going to talk about the color of light. What colors make you sleep better? Let’s try to find that out.

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The range of choices

Night lights are very popular today and there is no lack of options. They come in different colors: red, violet, pink, blue, green, yellow, orange, white, etc. Some offer several colors to choose from. Others send multi-colored projections in a pre-set pattern. Each company claims that their products are the best making it even harder to choose. If we apply some critical thinking, we will realize that flickering and unsteady light is definitely not good for sleep. What we need to look for is a good, single-colored night light.

Most popular color options night light

  • Warm spectrum: red, orange, yellow, warm white.
  • Cool spectrum: blue, cool white.
  • Green and violet can be either in warm or cool spectrum.
  • Neutral white.

Best color for sleeping in bedrooms

night light good for sleepNumerous sleep studies explore the relationship between light colors and sleep efficiency. The color of night light directly affects the time it takes us to fall asleep. Out of all colors, blue is the most unfavorable one in this respect. There is a specialized pigment in our retina that is sensitive to the wavelength of light. Blue light has a shorter wavelength than other color lights. Therefore, it stimulates our brain and promotes alertness. No wonder that it keeps us from falling asleep.

Blue light is commonly associated with daylight. Our circadian clock is programmed in such a way that we are most active during the day and relaxed at night. Blue light at night can throw off that clock and keep us awake when it’s time to sleep. As a matter of fact, blue might be the best color light to wake up to.

Is green light good for sleep?

The research on mice has shown that green light is rather favorable for sleep. Other colors studied were blue and violet. On one hand, we can assume that green light is definitely better than blue and violet. However, this research has a major reservation. Mice are nocturnal creatures, while humans are not. The effect of light colors on us is very likely to be different. Moreover, there are different shades of green. Cool green light that is closer to blue is less favorable than warm green or yellowish green. We don’t know for sure, though, since there are no research studies to confirm that.

is green light good for sleep

A red light bulb in bedroom: yes or no?

Red light is the best for us to sleep with. Sounds odd, doesn’t it? We all associate red color with activity, vigorousness and even aggression. When we think of peaceful sleep, it definitely does not fit into the picture. Designers don’t recommend painting bedroom walls in red or buying red furniture. Can red light really help us sleep better?

Indeed, the best color night light for sleeping is red. It’s all about the way our brain responds to colors. Red light is associated with sunset and the end of an active part of the day. Our ancestors lived according to their biological clock. With the invention of electrical light, we no longer need to follow these cycles, but our brain still does. That’s why we tend to sleep better with a red light on.

Other sleep inducing colorsred light bulb good for sleep

Think about sunset. What colors do you usually see?

  1. Orange.
  2. Yellow.
  3. Red.
  4. Pink.

Well, these colors can help you fall asleep faster. If you don’t like red, you can choose one of the colors mentioned above.

What color light helps babies sleep?

Babies are probably even more dependent on biological rhythms than grownups. It is safe to say that orange, yellow and red light induce sleep in babies as well. The effect might be even more evident. Good toddler night light is not hard to find. There are so many wonderful options on the market. Just make sure to stick to the colors we outlined above.

More information can be found here: great nightlights for toddlers!

Conclusion: How to create relaxing lighting for bedroom

Bedroom lighting is even more important than wall color and furnishing. To create a relaxing atmosphere in a bedroom you should install warm overhead lighting. All light fixtures should have blue-free light bulbs. Choose calming light bulb colors: orange, yellow, terracotta. Incorporate red night light if needed. And, most importantly, avoid using electronic devices in bed.

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