Best Lighting for Bathroom with No Windows

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best lighting for bathroom with no windows

Do you spend a lot of time in your bathroom? You visit it several times a day, for sure. Morning grooming rituals give you a refreshing start before you bail. At night, you need to relax and recharge. Therefore, your best lighting for bathroom with no windows is to be special.

These essential lighting fixtures are to meet hella high requirements. They are to be safe to operate in a moisture-rich space. These luminaires should be bright enough to ensure perfect visibility. It determines the way you look, working on your style and elegance. A couple of creative windowless bathroom ideas would be useful.

So, let’s focus on vanity lights. Consider several modern, well-designed options. I hope, this review makes your selection task easier.

5 Best Lighting for Bathroom with No Windows in 2024

1. Mirrea 24in: Super Vanity Lighting for Bathroom

vanity lighting for bathroomWhy don’t you have a universal washroom? Equip it to meet the needs of all family members. Illumination might be critically important. In this case, modern vanity light by Mirrea is the real thing. Adjustable and dimmable, it lets you feel comfortable at any time of day.

Features and Characteristics

It’s great when you can change light direction and brightness. Direct bathroom sconce lighting up or down. Do it easily, rotating the hinge or using a dimmer switch. The lighting fixture itself is perfect. It’s pretty bright to be a sole lighting source in your small bathroom. Install it over the sink, and it meets your needs.

Let’s check the basic parameters of Mirrea vanity light:

  1. Luminous flux – 1680 lumens.
  2. Wattage –24W.
  3. CRI– more than 80.
  4. Waterproof rating – IP44.
  5. Dimensions – 24.8” x 4.72” x 3.39”.
  6. Manufacturer warranty – 2 years.

Basic option comes with a 5000K bulb. It provides cold white light. If you prefer warmer illumination, opt for a relaxing 3000K solution. Both of them render colors pretty naturally, without distorting them. They don’t flicker, being quite comfortable.

The fixture itself is slim, modern by design. It fits any bathroom style. Polished, chromed base is sleek and compact. It matches mirror and faucet surfaces pretty well. Frosted acrylic shade defuses light, preventing dazzling or glare issues.

  • bright light;
  • dimmable and adjustable;
  • modern, minimalistic design;
  • comfortable, rendering true colors;
  • space and energy-saving.
  • you are to buy a compatible dimmer switch additionally;
  • might be a bit noisy with a dimmer.


24in vanity fixture by Mirrea is sleek and beautiful by design. It’s bright enough to be a sole luminaire in your bathroom. Modern light is compatible with popular dimmer switches and perfectly adjustable by direction. 90-degree rotatable hinge enables it. So, it’s beautiful and functional.

2. ZuzitoCrystal: Cool Bathroom Lighting for Makeup

bathroom lighting for makeupYou need bright, comfortable light in your powder room. Men commonly prefer simplicity and functionality. During brushing up, shaving, or grooming morning rituals, there are no minor details. Ladies like more sophisticated, stylish solutions. Meanwhile, when you are applying makeup, illumination is even more important. Every mark may change overall impression you create on your dialog partners.

Functional, bright task illumination is necessary for every powder or dressing room. Additionally, you are to see true colors as they are. Zuzito lighting fixture reveals them faithfully. Your face looks exactly the same as outdoors, under direct sunlight. It helps you to look fresh and elegant.


Zuzito lighting fixture is sparkly and attractive. It provides comfortable bright illumination, standing out by:

  1. 6200K color temperature.
  2. 26W power consumption.
  3. 2080 lumens (luminous flux).
  4. 30” x 4.3” x4.3” dimensions.
  5. Durable and shiny stainless steel frame.
  6. Beautiful and smooth K9 crystal shade.
  7. Waterproof drive.

Crystal lighting fixture is compact and elegant by design. It looks modern and noble. The light is beautiful, versatile and powerful. Bright white LED bulb inside is energy-saving and long-lasting. It works for 50,000 hours, providing comfortable, nearly natural illumination.

  • beautiful;
  • anti-fog, waterproof components;
  • soft white, natural light;
  • easy-to-install;
  • versatile.
  • not dimmable;
  • only one light color option available.


Crystal lighting fixture by Zuzito is functional and versatile. It looks beautiful, illuminating your small or medium-sized bathroom. LED bulb inside reproduces bright, natural light. It’s flawless in the morning, but not dimmable. In the evening, it might seem to be glaring.

3. Solfart Vanity Light: Your Excellent Bathroom Lighting for Shaving

bathroom lighting for shavingIn the morning, you need bright, warm light. Routine activities like shaving and grooming require bright, clear light. Solfart offers a perfect solution. 5-light option is wide enough to match a large mirror and fit a medium-size bathroom. It’s pretty bright, giving off a lot of light.

Cool light is beneficial, as it helps you to feel awake and vigorous. 5500K color temperature mimics daylight naturally. It produces colors pretty well. Therefore, your wife or girlfriend would appreciate this fixture. It’s helpful while applying makeup and grooming.

Specification and Performance

The lighting fixture is perfectly bright. It shines only downward but does the job. Comfortable light provides uniform luminescence, illuminating vanity area without dark spaces. Technical parameters of the light are excellent:

  1. Luminous flux: 1600 lm.
  2. Wattage: 20W.
  3. Color temperature: 5500K.
  4. Dimensions: 31.5” x 4.33” x 4.33”.
  5. Protection rating: IP44.

Ladies would also like its shine and brilliance. Coming with crystal glass lampshade, the fixture looks luxurious and romantic. It features top-quality 304-grade stainless steel that is glossy and durable.

Solfart lighting fixture is comparatively easy to install. You are to hardwire it and connect to a standard wall switch. However, the unit is a bit heavyweight. Its metal edges are sharp, so don’t forget to wear protective gloves while installing it. Additionally, a junction box cover is not available in the parcel. So, use a disc plate to hide the wires inside.

  • modern, fashionable design;
  • safe, durable fixture;
  • bright, cool white light;
  • wide enough to fit a medium-size bathroom;
  • high color reproduction ability.
  • not dimmable;
  • in a large bathroom, ceiling illumination is appropriate.


Vanity lighting fixture by Solfart is beautiful and long-lasting. 5-light fixture is wide enough, fitting medium-size master or guest bathroom. Both men and women like it due to durability, bright white light and stylish design. Install it carefully and enjoy its perfect shine and gloss for years.

4. Effimero Wall Sconce: Great Lighting for Small Bathroom Without Windows

lighting for small bathroom without windowsDo you like minimalistic style? Slim-line, looking like traditional sconces option is available. It suits your tiny, single-sink bathroom, illuminating it in relaxing way. Modern, industrial look of the fixture complements your vanity area. It matches your wenge mirror and cabinets. Black wall sconce adds a smart elegant decor touch to your bathroom design.

Features and Benefits

Effimero sconce light by Linea Lighting gives you off any light you need. It’s compatible with virtually all bulb types. LED, incandescent, halogen and CFL devices are compatible. If you prefer a dimmable option, use a suitable smart bulb and a dimmer switch. Select any brightness and color temperature you like. The only limitation is standard, wide, E26 base.

The fixture itself stands out by:

  1. Elegant black finish.
  2. Durable metal construction.
  3. Transparent glass shade.
  4. 60W bulb wattage limit.
  5. 20” height.
  6. 5” black, square backplate.

Where should bathroom wall sconces be placed? You can mount them around the vanity or as a downlight. Height and distance from the mirror vary. They depend on the furniture style and your preferences. I would use 2 fixtures, positioning them symmetrically on both sides of the mirror.

Consider only the 3.5” shade diameter. The fixture extends 4” from your bathroom wall. It requires hardwiring. Manufacturers recommend using professional electrician services.

  • elegant, dramatic design;
  • durable, metal construction;
  • compatible with all bulb types;
  • versatile;
  • easy to assemble and position.
  • shade glass is thin and transparent;
  • you are to select a suitable bulb, dimmer switch and junction box.


Effimero wall sconce by Linea di Liara is stylish and versatile. In your small bathroom, mount two fixtures on both sides of the mirror. It works with any bulb and switch. Their selection is up to you.

5. Ksana ZFAEJJH9359296: Beautiful Brass Vanity Lighting Fixture

beautiful brass vanity lighting fixtureAre you an urban dweller and a snappy dresser? Anyway, you may prefer a farmhouse style in interior design. Several rustic elements may look modern in your vintage bathroom. Therefore, brass finish vanity light complements its look and design.

Will you place lightwood furniture in your bathroom? I guess it matches it best. But your mirror, faucet or cabinet knobs should be distinctive. They might have golden finishing or decorations. Ksana lighting fixture harmonizes them perfectly. If all of your bathroom accessories are neutral or white, never mind. Brass vanity light is versatile. It suits any bathroom design and style.

Features and Specifications

Decorative Ksana wall sconce consists of a wide, metal wall plate and 3 big, bell-shape shades. It’s easy to distinguish this product by:

  1. 22” x 9” x 7” dimensions.
  2. Creative, mid-century styling.
  3. Transparent glass shades.
  4. Small, E12 screw bulb base.

The fixture is compatible with a dimmer switch and 3 small-diameter bulbs. Wattage limit is 40W, but it’s bright enough to illuminate your daily grooming tasks. Clear glass admits light completely, without diffusing it. Additionally, you are free to select any bulb type and shape. It may change the look completely, making it modern or romantic and elegant.

  • vintage, luxurious, mid-century look;
  • excellent bulb and dimmer switch compatibility;
  • perfect dimensions to match a small mirror;
  • easy to assemble and install;
  • durable construction, featuring a 2-year warranty.
  • matches not every bathroom style and design;
  • you are to purchase 3 suitable bulbs and a dimmer switch additionally.


If you like vintage style, golden-finish wall sconce by Ksana might be your choice. It looks luxurious, romantic, and beautiful, letting you adjust its brightness and performance. Do it, by screwing in suitable bulbs. Replace them every time you need light color or intensity change.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lighting for Bathroom

How many bathrooms do you have in your house? If your family is large, 3 or 4 bedrooms should be available. Every house or accommodation commonly includes not less than 2 or 3 bathrooms. They differ by size, style, and design.

There are several types of bathrooms, including:

  1. Master.
  2. Guest.
  3. Full.
  4. Half.
  5. Quarter.
  6. Three quarter.

In the USA, the bathroom is to contain a toilet and a sink, for sure. You might call it a quarter and install it in your basement. This room is tiny and simple, requiring minimal illumination.

Guest bathroom is a useful space your visitors commonly use. If it contains only a sink and toilet, you would call it a half-bathroom or powder room. These bathrooms are usually windowless. Due to lack of space and personality, they not hella inviting. Visiting your relatives, you may need to use your best-lighted travel mirror there.

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Basic Bathroom Lighting Requirements

Guest bathroom location differs. It depends on your house plan. It might be a free-standing space or adjacent to a guest suite. Anyway, it’s size and style is not stellar. Master bathroom is a large and well-designed personal space. Being adjacent to the master bedroom, it mirrors its style. This elegant, comfortable room commonly contains garments and personal effects.

Most of these bathrooms have at least one window. They benefit their owners with natural light and fresh air. Small spaces in new-building apartments are commonly windowless. They can’t be heavily tiny. According to California Building Code, every single-accommodation facility is to be accessible. Not less than 60” x 48” clear floor space is to be available. Shower sides are to be 32”-long or wider.

What about your luminaires? To comply with damp and wet location requirements, they are to be:

  • high-efficiency;
  • safe;
  • waterproof;
  • dustproof.

Minimal acceptable safety rating in wet areas is IP44. Additionally, bathroom fixtures require GFCI protection. Dimmers or vacancy sensors are to be available.

How to Get Light into a Windowless Bathroom?

Even your small, guest bathroom should not be dark, and unwelcoming. You can brighten it, using several design tricks. White color, multiple mirrors and polished metal accessories reflect light. Nevertheless, it requires several lighting sources, including:

  • ambient;
  • task;
  • accent.

Ceiling-mount or recessed downlights are beneficial. Title 24 lighting guides recommend owners to use LED bulbs in these luminaires. Warm-white, 2700K-3000K options are preferable. They let you feel comfortable and relaxed in your master bathroom.

In a large bathroom, use your best flexible track lighting. It helps you to illuminate dark corners and specific areas. It may work for decorative and dramatic accent lighting. Vanity areas require additional attention. They are to be well-lit to make your daily grooming rituals easy and efficient.

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How to Hang Sconces Next to a Mirror?

Easy mounting instructions help you assemble and hardwire your new fixtures. If you are a handy, house-proud person, you can do it by yourself. Don’t forget about safety precautions. Turn off power before you start attaching your vanity light.

Would you like to install a lighting fixture above the mirror? It’s a good choice. Downlights cast even lighting across your face and mirror. Uplights suit dim powder and guest bathrooms. They fill the spaces with light, making them more inviting and cozy. In walk-in closets, LED tape lights are acceptable.

Two wall fixtures on both sides of the mirror are suitable. They create perfect vanity area illumination and enrich its style. Cross-lighting eliminates shadows. How far away from the mirror should I place sconces? They are to be about your eye level. Place your light fixtures:

  1. Symmetrically.
  2. At 65-70 inches (up to 6 feet) from the floor.
  3. 36-40” apart from each other.
  4. At the same distance (about 3”) from the mirror.

NKBA recommends using 20W fluorescent tubes or 60-75W incandescent bulbs. Daylight-spectrum is preferable. Do you think, bathroom illumination should flatter your face? It may be real-to-life or warm and relaxing. Having bright and safe lighting fixtures is a must.

Bottom Line

In a bathroom, modern and compact lighting fixtures are preferable. 24in vanity lights by Mirrea are dimmable and adjustable. Crystal lamp by Zuzito is sparkly and efficient. 5-light fixture by Solfart is noble, luxurious by design. All these products are completely safe to use in wet areas. They reproduce true colors faithfully.

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