6 Best Closet Lighting: Modern, Wireless and Energy-Efficient

best closet lighting reviewsGoing to the closet at night, we are to avoid any nightmares. All the house’s crannies and nooks are to be properly brightened up, to eliminate any inconvenience, risk of bumps and bangs. Thus, the best closet lighting is definitely essential.

The motion sensor is a great invention of nowadays. You don’t need to find any switches, push them, and then turn the light off. LED light is also great, saving electricity, being flexible, smart, durable and low-voltage.

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However, including these essential features, the best lighting for a closet is to be also modern by design, intuitive to install, bright. But which lighting brand and model to prefer? How to install a light in a closet? Let me highlight some perfect products and share a couple of closet design ideas with you.

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Top Closet Lighting in 2020

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1. Lofter USLED-0186:  Effective Closet Lighting Fixtures

best wireless closet light guideThe light is simple and modern by design, looking like similar products. However, it stands out by the innovative, 2-mode motion sensor, and very bright output. The closet lighting includes 62 LED bulbs, providing generous 230 lumens.

Therefore, the item can be used as the lights for closets with no electricity, large premises, halls, basements, laundries, workshops, and garages. Its motion sensor is unique: but for the traditional mode, it detects light, so it works only when its dark in the room, at night, being the most energy-saving option.

A push button is also available, so, you are to follow the clear directions to change the sensor mode. The bulbs are located in 3 rows, enhancing the closet lighting brightnessThe light features a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, fast to recharge and long-lasting. Quite naturally, a USB cable is included, so, it’s easy-to-use.

Additionally, the storage room lighting features 2 installations opportunities: by a magnetic strip and using the screws and anchors. Therefore, when you selected not the best light location and want to change it, drill some holes in the wall. So, I recommend this product as the best closet lighting.

  • bright;
  • energy-saving;
  • 2 installation modes;
  • rechargeable battery.
  • the battery life could be longer.


The USLED-0186 light by Lofter Company is bright and handy. It is equipped with energy-saving, innovative motion sensor, 62 bulbs, rechargeable battery. The fixture can be stuck on by a magnetic strip or screwed to the wall, using the included hardware.

2. URPOWER ML-011: Super Lighting for Walk-in Closet

best lighting for walk-in closet guideThe light fixture is simple, modern, lightweight and smart. It is based on the innovative technology (passive infrared), auto turning on and off. The closet lighting is equipped with an advanced, sensitive motion sensor, eliminating the need to push a switch. It detects you in a distance of 10 feet, turning off in 20-25 seconds after you leave.

4 AAA batteries are necessary. They are not included. Therefore, it’s important to buy top-quality batteries and install them in the proper direction.

Meanwhile, the closet lighting is stick-up, featuring a magnetic strip, fast to install. It is recommended for kitchens, halls, bathrooms, and stairways, providing bright white light, sufficient to eliminate the whole room. 3 lighting units are available in the package, so the complete house or apartment may be brightened up with them.

Additionally, the automatic closet light is extremely durable, coming with long-lasting LED bulbs, covered by 1-year warranty. So, I highly recommend this set to all people that have to walk around the house at night.

  • stick up;
  • long LED bulbs’ life;
  • bright;
  • versatile;
  • solid.
  • permanent adhesive tape.

Overall Impression

The ML-011 closet lighting by URPOWER Company includes 3 portable, stick up lights. They are equipped with magnetic stitches, smart and sensitive motion sensors, 10 bright, long-lasting LED bulbs each. So, the units can be installed anywhere; in a garage, near the stairways, in a hall, in cabinets.

3. RXWLKJ 43222-6271: Good Closet Lighting for Under-Cabinet Use

automatic closet light reviewsThe light fixture is beneficially portable and comparatively lightweight. It is initially intended to under-cabinet application, but the light can be installed anywhere you need: in a drawer, bedroom, garage or shed. The unit is equipped with a magnet, being really easy to stick anywhere on metal stuff.

The closet lighting fixtures LED is quite compact, being only 0.5-inch thick, 7.5-inch long. The case is made of aluminum and ABS plastic, being perfectly lightweight and durable. However, the closet lighting is now waterproof, so, it’s not safe to install it in a damp place, for example, in a bathroom, above a sink or coffee machine.

The lighting fixture includes several useful features: a sensitive motion sensor, a rechargeable battery, 10 LED lights. The switch is advanced, coming with 3 positions: on, off and motion sensor. Thus, you can turn the light manually, or prefer the automatic mode and it senses your movement within 10ft.

The built-in battery is easy to recharge. A USB cable is included. It’s necessary to do every month or more frequently, as soon as the batteries are run out. The battery is rated at 10 hours of continuous use, but, actually, it lasts about 5-14 days.

Meanwhile, the closet lighting is quite bright. Its color temperature is up to 6500K, that is quite sufficient for under-cabinet or garage use. So I consider, it’s the best battery operated closet light, and I recommend it to all homeowners and car enthusiasts.

  • portable and stick-on;
  • bright;
  • sensible motion sensor;
  • rechargeable, long-lasting battery.
  • not waterproof;
  • short charger cable.

Common Representation

The closet lighting by RXWLKJ Company is portable, easy to stick, using a built-in magnet, bright enough for under-cabinet use. It’s compact, lightweight and durable. However, the light is not waterproof, so, don’t install it above a coffee machine or a kitchen sink.

4. LEPOTEC 18LED Fixture: Best Closet Lights Battery Operated

best closet lights battery operated reviewsThe closet lighting is unique due to 2-year warranty. It’s amazingly feature-rich, furnished with beneficial options, user-friendly. The package includes 2 light fixtures; each of them comes with 18 LED bulbs. Therefore, it’s pretty bright, versatile and multifunctional.

The closet lighting can be efficiently used anywhere, in small and large rooms, workshops and basements, halls, garages, and stairways, in a trailer, under the kitchen sink. As to the small closet lighting ideas, it can be installed above the door entrance, on the stair side, above the shelves or wardrobes. In the hallways, it’s better to attach the lights at the bottom, then the area it illuminates is larger.

Quite naturally, you don’t need to drill holes in the wall to install the closet lighting. However, 2 stick on options are offered, both with the built-in magnet. You can just attach the magnetic strip to the metal (iron) surface or use the iron sheet and the adhesive tape included in the parcel, to prepare the wall surface at first, and then just attach the magnet.

Interesting benefits

The battery is rechargeable, high-capacity, energy saving. A USB cable is available, just connect it and fill the can. Additionally, the SMD3528 LED lights are adjustable, with a motion sensor and night light mode, long-lasting (intended to 80,000 hours of use).

So, you can track lighting for closets any way you like; manually or automatically. But, if you prefer the traditional option, the switch is very small, not handy enough. Generally, the closet lighting is among my favorite fixtures, and I recommend it for indoor use, as it’s still not waterproof.

  • bright;
  • 2-year warranty;
  • 2 installation options;
  • multifunctional;
  • long-lasting LED bulbs and battery.
  • not waterproof;
  • tiny switch.


The 18 LED lights by LEPOTEC Company are bright, multifunctional, durable. They come with 2 installation options: both are incredibly intuitive and simple. The lithium battery is easy to recharge, through the included USB cable, high-capacity.

5. OxyLED T-02U: A Multi-Purpose, Walk-In Closet Light Fixture

walk in closet lighting guideThe lighting fixture is modern and simple by design, looking quite standard. However, its aluminum alloy case is durable, reliable and safe. The unit is high-performance, better in terms of heat dissipation, temperature resistant.

Therefore, it’s multi-purpose, suiting much more applications than similar products. It can be installed in the premises that are not connected to the central heating system, for example, in the attic, basement, garage, greenhouse, above the mailbox.

Quite naturally, I can’t call this item the best lights for growing weed in closet, as the special, task-oriented bulbs would be necessary to achieve this goal. Meanwhile, being compact, only 8,1-inch long, the closet lighting can be installed in cabinets, gun safes, storage rooms, above a vanity mirror, etc.

Featuring 20 LED bulbs, producing 100 lumens, it is quite bright for a supplementary unit, ceiling light without electrical wiring. It is based on the advanced PIR (passive infrared) technology, equipped with a perfect, sensitive motion sensor. Meanwhile, manual mode is also available.

The closet lighting comes with not the most high-capacity, 700mAh, but the easy-to-charge battery. A micro USB cable is included, that is not very handy. But any USB charger is suitable and compatible. Additionally, the fixture can be installed in 2 ways: using a magnetic strip or by screwing it to the wall.

  • durable aluminum case;
  • improved heat dissipation and cold resistance;
  • 2 installation modes;
  • rechargeable battery.
  • the need to recharge the battery frequently is pressing.

General Representation

I recommend the T-02U closet lighting as a multi-purpose, durable, cold-resistant and handy item. It comes with a rechargeable battery; 2 installation modes are offered. However, the light is not waterproof and the battery is to be recharged frequently.

6. Lumclick by Power Practical: Best Wireless Closet Light

closet led light strip reviewsWhen you need to brighten up any dark nooks in your house, shed or garage, with the Lumclick light strip, it’s as easy as ABC. Just peel off the tabs, stick the adhesive LED strip anywhere you need, and enjoy the lighting simplicity and comfort. You get 3 feet (36 in.) of lighting strip or 2700K of warm white light output.

The installation takes only several seconds; it’s advisable to wipe the area with rubbing alcohol, that’s all. These closet lighting fixtures are amazingly user-friendly. The item is equipped with an extremely large closet motion sensor light switch, battery-powered, flexible.

You can easily cut any length you need to install above the shelves, in the wardrobes, even under your bed or kitchen sink, to illuminate hard to reach crannies. Additionally, the rich in closet lighting is waterproof, fitting bathroom and kitchen installation.

The wireless closet lighting is durable, well-built, featuring heavy-duty 3M tape, 3 batteries, 18 LED bulbs. The AA batteries are easy to replace, and with some modifications, you can change them to rechargeable ones. Generally, it’s a perfect solution, able to enrich and improve our homes and household building, requiring virtually no maintenance or efforts during the installation.

  • easy to stick;
  • flexible and lightweight;
  • perfect for under-sink or under-cabinet applications;
  • battery-powered;
  • durable.
  • not too bright for large closets or other rooms.

Common Presentation

The Luminoodle (Lumclick) closet lighting by Power Practical is extremely handy, lightweight and easy to use. It’s just a piece of LED strip, adhesive, easy to stick anywhere you need, simple to recharge or replace the batteries. The light comes with a large switch, avoiding imperfections of motion sensors.

Buyers’ Guide

Selecting the best closet lighting, first of all, consider its application and location. Wireless options are preferable for hallways, stairs, entrance areas, travel trailers, garages and workshops that have no electricity. Quite naturally, a sort of permanent wired led closet lighting is essential to ensure the sufficient brightness and avoid the situations when the sensor doesn’t “see” you.

Battery-powered, portable fixtures can be used as additional ones, for closet lighting lowes, under-sink or cabinet installation. Selecting one of the modern, top-quality options, consider it’s:

  1. brightness;
  2. detection zone;
  3. battery type;
  4. ease of installation;
  5. durability.

The light in a hallway or on the stairs should not be too bright. On the contrary, the special zones like vanity mirrors, bookshelves, and drawers are to be properly illuminated. Tapes and magnetic strips are great, but you would prefer to screw the fixture for some applications and in case of replacement.

Before you install the lighting in the closet, we advise you to study the full information on the installation and recommendations of professionals. Some useful information can be view here. If you have any questions or difficulties, then it is better to use the services of a master.

Walk-in Closet Lighting Ideas

Wardrobe lighting design is to be modern, stylish and cozy. Therefore, illuminating a closet, bathroom or wardrobe, you can use:

  • LED tapes to brighten up shelves and cabinets;
  • fixtures for mirrors;
  • wireless systems in entrance areas and hallways;
  • track lighting at night.

Highlighting some decorative elements like vases or pictures, you make the room design elegant and luxury. Additionally, these easy lighting solutions are energy-efficient, safe and long-lasting.

How to Install a Ceiling Light Without Wiring?

I recommend only the products that are installed easily, using a magnet or adhesive tape. It’s quite safe and reliable because the light fixtures are extremely compact and lightweight, the connection is strong. Just don’t forget to:

  • study the user’s manual;
  • replace or recharge the batteries in time;
  • position the motion sensor to the proper angle;
  • attach the control switch, if necessary.

Due to the LED bulbs included, these options are completely secure, environment-friendly and low-voltage.

Final Verdict

I think, the best closet lighting is from Lofter Company, as it’s bright, user-friendly and feature-rich. The Lepotec-branded light fixture is multifunctional, covered by 2-year warranty, long-lasting. Finally, a waterproof option, Lumclick by Power Practical is preferable for kitchens and bathrooms.

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