How Tall Should a Nightstand Lamp Be Compared to a Headboard?

how tall should a nightstand lamp beAre you renovating your house? It’s a challenging and absorbing task. Meanwhile, don’t forget about your personal space. Make your cozy bedroom innovative and functional. Nursery requires even more attention. Your baby’s room might be calming and inviting. It can be unique and lovely. Safety is primary. Both nursery and your bedroom are to be well-lit. How tall should a nightstand lamp be? It is to meet your reading needs, being decorative, and adjustable.

It might be tricky to choose a suitable lighting fixture. Fortunately, there are primary decorating rules. They make this task as easy as breathing.

What is the Average Height of a Nightstand?

Your bedroom is to feel welcoming and relaxing. You need a calming atmosphere that promotes peaceful sleep. Before decorating or renovating the room, you have to consider a lot of aspects. They include colors, cozy bedding, functionality, and décor.

It is to include a kind of storage, a place to sit and have some rest. Even if your space is hella small, you need a closet. Some hangers and an organizer system is a must. A bed with one or two-night stands becomes a focal point of your bedroom. It adds a bold touch to the décor and appearance.

These pieces of furniture come as a set. They match and complement each other – proportions and balance matter. Above all, Ergonomic furniture is beneficial.  Consequently, nightstand and mattress top should level. It’s handy, for instance,  when you want to grab something like a book or a clock from the surface.

What is the proper nightstand height? These useful pieces of furniture come in different sizes. They belong to three basic types, such as:

  • chest with drawers;
  • cabinet;
  • table.

At least one small drawer is essential. It gives you some storage space to keep your books and magazines or underwear with socks. In terms of height, your nightstand is to match your bed frame and mattress sizes.

How Tall Should a Lamp be on a Nightstand?

What is your bed frame height? It might be from 18” to 36”. It depends on the bed style and application. For example, a toddler’s bed is about 20-20 inches from the ground. It commonly comes with a thin (5-8”) mattress that is soft and lightweight. Canopy beds are much higher. They measure up to 36”. What is the correct height for bedside table lamps? Their sizes are to measure up against your bed and mattress dimensions.

how tall should a lamp be on a nightstand

Commonly, a nightstand lamp has to be about as high as your bedside table. A couple of extra inches could do with it. How tall should bedroom lamps be compared to a headboard? It is to look proportional. It has to scale and work with bedroom walls and furniture. Is your headboard tall and ornate? 30-36-inch-tall decorative lamps would match it perfectly well.

How Do I Choose a Nightstand Lamp?

If you live in a rented apartment, it might be not possible to replace the furniture. Sometimes, you will be not authorized even to move furniture. California Civil Code does not prohibit it. Only the minimal component specification list is a must. Above all, it depends on your rental agreement.

I hope you won’t bail because of furniture. It’s not easy to afford the rent here. Add decorative accessories to the interior. Stylish curtains, lamps, and paintings change your bedroom look and feel. Lighting fixtures are essential – it’s a practical matter! But for natural lighting, artificial illumination is essential.

In your bedroom, it should not be too bright. 200-300 lux are enough. You can use the lamp both for decoration and utility. Thus, your best toddler night light is innovative, safe, and colorful. Selecting it, consider:

  1. Its height and style.
  2. Materials.
  3. Color of light and shade.
  4. Available technologies and features.
  5. Location of electrical outlets.

Sure thing, adjustable and dimmable light fixtures are beneficial. In a nursery, you are to eliminate all hazards: trip-over, electrical, and falling-over. Style also matters.

See interesting information about best night lights for toddlers!

How to Pick the Right Size Lamp Shade?

Common rule tells that bottom of your stylish lampshade is to level with your eyes. It makes reading easy and healthy. Light should shine at the book. If you stand up, top edge of the lampshade would be a bit lower than your sight. So, the lampshade makes about 2/3 of the total lamp shade. It might be twice as wide as the base.

But there are a lot of lamp types, styles and shapes nowadays. Some of them are hecka creative and innovative. They might look like torchieres, bankers, pianos, pieces of lava, or salt. Color is a matter of taste. Drum, horn, bell, empire, and square shade shapes are widely-used.

Selecting the style, pay attention to popular styles, such as:

  • Tiffany;
  • country (cottage;
  • industrial;
  • contemporary;
  • mid-century modern;
  • craftsman.

Wall-mounted lighting fixtures are also pretty useful. They are practical, as sconces free up horizontal space on your nightstands. These lighting fixtures are versatile and space-saving. They commonly consist of mounting brackets and compact shades. How to determine nightstand sconce height? Mount them at about 5 feet from the floor, at about your eye level.

Final Words

Do you think your bedroom or nursery dull and gloomy? Make it brighter! Even in a rented apartment, it’s possible. Floor or nightstand lamp would be a clutch. These fixtures don’t require wiring and installation. They are decorative and functional. Useful accessories add some stylish touches to your space. So, select a suitable nightstand lamp and place it properly. Now you can read in bed, avoiding eye strain and headache issues.

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