How to Choose Best Low Voltage Path Lights?

best low voltage path lights

How does your yard look like in February? In a northern area, it might be bald, covered with snow. Fortunately, I live in California. Winters are warm here. But cloudy, rainy weather, with only about 10 daylight hours is treacherous. Now, you may prefer wired outdoor fixtures. Best low voltage path lights are reliable, all-weather solutions.

There models provide bright illumination even in winter when it’s cold or cloudy. Going to ensure property security or add visibility around your house, it would be a dank choice. They eliminate tripping and reduce invasion risk. These fixtures are decorative, durable, and efficient. Besides, they are different by design, size, and materials.

5 Best Low Voltage Path Lights in 2023

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Which set to select? Let me offer insight into a grip of my favorite products. I hope, it helps to select and use some of them to your benefit and delight.

1. Goodsmann 8 Pack: Best Low Voltage Led Pathway Lights

low voltage led pathway lightsDo you need to illuminate your yard and garden? If it’s dark, it’s heavy. It might happen if you’ve just moved to your new, single-family home. Install safe and bright enough pathway lights. If you visit your summer beach house, improve its security in spring. Do it anyway, any time.

It helps you to create charming ambiance in your garden and mark the boundaries. Modern path lighting set by Goodsman is a stellar choice. These illumination fixtures are low-profile, attractive, and sturdy. They are classic by style, coming with clean, modern lines, but are top-quality and high-performance.

Features and Specifications

Low-voltage path lights by Goodsmann are sturdy and durable. They stand out by:

  • heavy-duty, cast aluminum stakes and shades;
  • weather-proof, corrosion-resistant, painted surface;
  • comfortable, 3100K color temperature;
  • 22 lumens brightness;
  • durable glass lens;
  • 6W power.

The stakes are 20-inches-tall, not hella low-level. They are unshowy, chocolate-brown by color. Additionally, Goodsmann fixtures are sturdy. Will they protect your plants from traffic and walkers? The stakes are heavy-duty and long-lasting. Fast-developing, international Goodsmann Group Company produces its outstanding products since 2002.

Its headquarters’ location is Dallas, TX. Thus, their goods are top-quality, meeting the highest world standards. 1-year warranty is available. The fixtures are user-friendly, intuitive to install. It’s easy to attach metal pole parts, pushing one piece into another. Handy cable connectors are available.

Run the wire throw the slot in the stake and it’s all over! You’ll only have to buy a piece of low-voltage cable additionally. Transformer is also essential. I’d recommend using the one by Goodsmann, as it’s feature-rich, coming with a timer and photosensor.

Significant Benefits
  • durable;
  • well-made;
  • beautiful, contemporary design;
  • bright and comfortable warm white light;
  • intuitive, idiot-proof installation.


Modern pathway lights by Goodsmann Group are durable and efficient. The fixtures are bright enough. They are weatherproof, long-lasting and reliable. So, buy the necessary components. Install them easily, by yourself, as wiring is fast and intuitive.

2. Hykolity Orb Bollard: Best Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting

low voltage outdoor lightingDo you want to fit out new or existent pathways around your house? Make them suitable for pedestrian use at any time of day or night. Consider buying round bollard lights. They are much more durable than thin, pole-based constructions. Bollards separate lawn from pedestrian area, protecting your beautiful plants.

Landscape lights by Hykolity are stylish and powerful. Vertical posts are a bit shorter but much thicker than shallow-shade fixtures. They emit light not only downwards. Having 157.7-degree light spread, they illuminate both flowerbeds and walkways.

Distinctive Features

Bollard path lights by Hykolity are hella bright and sturdy. They provide:

  • 191LM of 3 integrated LED lamps;
  • warm white (3000K) soft diffused light;
  • strong weather resistance and versatility;
  • dank durability and long-lasting, maintenance-free use.

5-years of premium warranty is a hella long term for outdoor lighting fixtures. Bollards are heavy-duty, built-to-last. They feature cast aluminum, powder-coated housings. Besides, clear glass lenses provide a softly diffused effect, creating a pleasant ambiance in your garden.

Additionally, long lifespan (50000 hours) and epic color rendering (80+) are outstanding. Performance of this kind makes Hykolity light fixtures exceptional. The famous, California-based company produces them since 2011. They are top-quality and robust.

So, you can install their bollard lighting fixtures in wet locations. A suitable transformer and cable would be necessary. Available quick-fit connectors are plastic, but stiff, decent for the applications.

Do you live in a state with cold or extremely hot climate? Path lights by Hykolity withstand wide range of temperatures from -13°F to 110° Fahrenheit. Intense California heatwaves won’t make them janky in summer.

Basic Advantages
  • bright;
  • sturdy, robust construction;
  • maintenance-free;
  • long-lasting and weather-resistant;
  • beautiful diffused light.


Bollard path lights by Hykolity are sturdy and durable. Not hella tall, but thick, they protect your yard from traffic. These fixtures are bright and maintenance-free. They operate for 10 years at least, requiring no bulb replacement.

3. MarsLG ALS1: Best Quality Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Kits

quality low voltage landscape lighting kitsAre you going to make your garden or front yard special? Consider installation of mushroom-style lighting fixtures. Quite naturally, they consist of solid metal. It’s necessary to ensure ultimate durability. Black finish (painted surface) makes lights elegant and suburban. 2-year warranty for the fixture is legit.

Meanwhile, they look like mental garden decorations. Shape of the fixtures is unique. It resembles street lamps, torchiere shades or mushrooms. Most importantly, these stellar products illuminate both pathways and flowerbeds, making light charming and attractive. Meanwhile, they are hella bright and functional.


MarsLG ALS1 path lights are sturdy and durable. They come with:

  • thick, 18”-tall stems;
  • long (8”), plastic ground stakes;
  • wide (6.5” in diameter) metal shades;
  • bright (250lm) bulb;
  • IP 45 waterproof rating;
  • 3000K color temperature.

Energy-efficient, 2.5W LED bulbs are available in the parcel. They are long-lasting, coming with 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. You can replace them with any G4 bi-pin devices. The lamp should not exceed 25W, being compatible with existing base.

Additionally, every fixture is pre-wired. It comes with a 36”-long cable, streamlining the installation. These benefits, together with unique decorative style make MarsLG lights outstanding. On the other hand, connectors are not available. You are to buy them together with a low-voltage transformer. It lets you complete the installation.

Primary Advantages
  • decorative design;
  • sturdy;
  • tall;
  • bright, replaceable LED bulbs.


MarsLG AL1 landscape lights are sturdy, bright and decorative. They are tall enough to illuminate all your garden plants and structures. Do LEDWholesalers produce outdoor lights? I guess the California-based company only provides them. It supplies stellar lighting solutions since 2005. Nevertheless, they are dank, top-quality and efficient.

4. Malibu Equinox: Lightweight and Adjustable Path Lights

lightweight and adjustable path lightsLook at these fixtures! They are hella similar to the ones from Goodsmann. At first glimpse, they seem to be the same. Basic specifications are indicative, such as:

  • luminous flux: 22lm;
  • wattage: 0.6 W;
  • color temperature: 3100K.

Equinox fixtures come with durable, cast aluminum poles. But the lenses are plastic. I guess, floodlights feature clear glass shields. The stakes are also a bit flimsy, consisting of plastic. Nevertheless, other dank differences exist. They show up positive aspects of Malibu products.

Differences and Distinctness

Let’s study basic technical details of Malibu path lights. Don’t you detect anything? First of all, weight of each item is much lower. It means that it’s lightweight. Is it a benefit? In this case, it may bear evidence of several plastic parts inside. Thinner pole walls would be neither desirable.

Meanwhile, Malibu fixtures are a bit taller. Their height is 21.5 inches. One outstanding feature exists: an adjustable riser lets you make the pole taller or shorter. Thus, you adjust it to your garden or yard terrain. If the ground is not plain, no big deal. Position your path lights properly, to smooth over the roughness.

Who makes the best landscape lighting? Venus manufacture actually produces the fixtures. It’s a global company, with basic facilities in Shanghai, China. Owning 7 factories and a testing laboratory, the group assures top product quality. They definitely cooperate with Goodsmann as the brand is on their product list.

Key Benefits
  • lightweight;
  • weatherproof design (sealed);
  • intuitive, fast installation;
  • outstanding height.


Pathway lights by Malibu are beautiful, stylish by design. They come with durable aluminum poles. Tall and adjustable by height, modern fixtures let you create sophisticated pathway pattern. I’d use original Malibu transformer and cable to install them safely, at a fair cost.

5. Leonlite: Durable and Stylish Landscape Lights

durable and stylish landscape lightsHave you got a large garden and yard area? You’ll need a grip of heavy-duty powerful lighting fixtures. 12 pieces in the pack illuminate it in full measure. Stylish design and high performance are beneficial. Pathway bollards are versatile and multifunctional. They enhance security in your garden: fixtures protect your green lawns and plants from pedestrian and road traffic.

These robust vertical posts separate landscape areas. They create and mark boundaries, illuminating them. Most importantly, bollards provide aesthetic appeal, creating a cozy environment. Modern fixtures by Leonlite are a good example. They are hella decorative, stylish. Dome-top construction looks stellar. Additionally, Leonlite lights are bright and efficient.

Performance Figures

Landscape bollards by Leonlite are not tall but sturdy and durable. They stand out by:

  • compact, 10.11” *3.04” dimensions;
  • bright, 150 lm lamps;
  • 50,000 hours’ lifespan;
  • elegant, frosted glass lens;
  • IP65 waterproof rating;
  • 59” (4.9 ft.) cable;
  • 360-degree beam angle;
  • 5-years warranty.

Thick aluminum housing with an arc-shaped cap is chic and protective. Together with sealing, it ensures legit waterproof performance and corrosion resistance. Its rugged surface withstands heavy rains and thunderstorms.

The lamps provide wide-angle, warm white (3000K) light. How many lumens do you need for pathway lighting? These powerful fixtures might seem to be too bright, which will make you look for dimmer accessories. But it’s comfortable, not harsh.

Faithful color rendering (80 CRI) gives cozy, warm feeling to the ambiance. Additionally, metal shading edges direct the light downwards. They prevent dazzling effects.

Primary Benefits
  • bright;
  • durable;
  • waterproof;
  • pre-wired;
  • stylish.


Stylish bollards by Leonlite are durable and waterproof. They provide wide-angle, bright light. Coming with metal ground spikes, landscape lights are intuitive to install. They don’t include connectors and transformer. But available power cord is hella long and safe to use.

AWESOME Buyer’s Guide

Any time, any weather, your garden and yard require illumination. It makes your outdoor space secure and aesthetically-pleasing. In winter, when the days are shorter, landscape lighting becomes essential. It might become life-saving, deterring intruders or enabling nighttime pacing.

Will you prefer solar fixtures? In California, they are efficient all year round. These stellar solutions are compact, eco-friendly and affordable. They require virtually no installation and maintenance. You can place them anywhere you want and enjoy charming ambiance.

What about the northern, cold states? Their house-pride residents would have to solve a daunting task. Finding your best solar path lights for shade is not easy. Fortunately, daylight saving time is coming soon. In San Jose, we are going to plant roses and tomatoes soon. After last spring frosts, ground is soft, not frozen.

Now, you may prefer to avoid electricity consumption outdoors. Skip running cords in your garden. Eliminate heavy charges while hiring a professional electrician. Meanwhile, other mental solutions exist.

Right Now interesting information about best solar path lights for shade!

Benefits of Low-Voltage Landscape Lighting Fixtures

You may need more reliable, versatile illumination. It shouldn’t depend on sunshine to eliminate failures and misfires. Low-voltage systems let you forget about the weather forecast checking routine. In comparison with solar items, they are more dependable, bright and hefty.

On the other hand, National Electrical Code is strict. It has specific requirements for outdoor circuits. You are to use safe electricity, up to 30V. In comparison with line voltage solutions, these fixtures are:

  • acceptable in wet location;
  • easier to install;
  • worry-free;
  • more versatile and energy-saving.

Can you use LED bulbs in low voltage lighting? Commonly landscape fixtures come with integrated LED chips. Bulbs on their surfaces are energy-efficient and long-lasting. They are bright and reliable. But these stellar luminaires are tiny. Besides, they are soldered into internal circuit boards. So, they require no replacement.

Legit seals and heavy-duty metal housings are beneficial. They make low-voltage lighting fixtures waterproof and weather-resistant. In winter or shaded point, dependable systems are preferable.

how to choose best outdoor lights

Low-Voltage Path Lights Selection Criteria

Do you live in a Northern or rainy state like Alaska or Louisiana? You might also choose wired solutions. It lets you avoid dim or untimely operation issues. In a state with a warm, sunny climate, low voltage setups are also on target. They are flexible, charming and energy-efficient.

These lighting fixtures are long-lasting, easy to maintain. They don’t burn out unless you supply too high voltage. Excessive heat or vibrations might be also damaging. How do you test a low voltage light? You’ll have to use a multimeter, connecting its leads and getting the readings.

Meanwhile, you are to choose your lights properly. But for your climate, consider:

  1. Your outdoor lighting needs.
  2. Size of the garden or yard area.
  3. Type and design of the fixtures.
  4. Their size and beam angle.

You may like to arrange task, decorative or accent illumination. Size, design and style of lighting fixtures matter. Commonly, low-profile, shallow-shade items ate taller. They direct light downwards. Stylish bollards are more durable and efficient. Above all, they are brighter and sturdier, having wider beam angles.

Where to Place Landscape Lighting?

Have you already selected suitable outdoor fixtures? I am glad, you’ve killed it! But before installing them, buy all essential parts and accessories. Ask an electrician to install an outdoor outlet and a transformer. Add up wattages of all fixtures and devices in the circuit.

Remember that maximum system load should not exceed 80% of transformer capacity. Commonly, manufacturers recommend using 200W or 300W device. What gauge wire is best for low voltage lighting? It depends on the distance and bulbs’ brightness.

Meanwhile, you are to create a landscape layout beforehand. It’s not an easy task, as minimal distance should be:

  • 10 feet from the transformer;
  • 8-10 feet from each other;
  • 10 feet from a water source like pool, sauna or fountain;
  • 5 feet from outside walls of building and structures.

How far apart should driveway lights be? Position them within a foot from the edge of your path or walkway. They should not be too far from the area you want to illuminate. Thus, distance is about 1-1.5 feet. Don’t forget to seal the connections, making them secure.

Bottom Line

Low voltage path lights are safe and reliable. Fixtures by Goodsmann are modern by design and sturdy. Bollards by Hykolity are robust and heavy-duty. Solutions by MarsLG are tall and decorative.

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