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Creating a healthy, comfortable and productive studying environment is one of the major concerns of parents and grown-up students. Lighting is one of the key elements of such an environment. Therefore, the best light for studying just need to get, as it is of great importance. But, not only can proper lighting affect productivity, but also help preserve eye health. Students spend a lot of time studying, most of the time under artificial lighting. And while we can hardly control the quality of light in public institutions, we most certainly can do it at home. In this article, we are going to talk about different kinds of lighting. And strive to find the best type of light for reading and studying.

best light for studying

Get off to a Good Start

Ideally, you should plan your studying zone in such a way that it receives as much natural light as possible. Natural daylight is the healthiest for our eyes. You should arrange your desk by the window so that light comes from a side opposite to your writing hand. Or, you can sit facing the window. You need to make sure that your monitor does not cast a shadow on the desk. It is a bad idea to sit with your back to the window because there will be too much glare on your computer screen. Excessive glare is bad for your eyes and should be avoided as much as possible.

Best Type of Light for Reading and Studying

Arranging your study zone correctly is half the battle. Unfortunately, there isn’t always much choice. Your windows can be shaded by trees or they can be too small to allow enough light in. Besides, oftentimes students need to study when it’s dark outside. In such cases, there is only one solution – task light.

Use and types of task lighting

  1. Floor lamps.
  2. Table (desk) lamps.
  3. Wall lamps.

Best LED Floor Lamps

Floor lamps share one main advantage – they don’t require a raised surface to stand on. If you wish to save some space on your desk, a floor lamp might be just what you need. A floor lamp will come in handy as you snuggle down in a chair with a book or notes. Floor lamps with good lighting can absolutely replace desk lamps if needed.

Not all floor lamps are good for studying. Many of them serve mainly as ambiance light or accent light. So you need to search for a particular kind. First of all proper task lamp should not have a traditional shade. Lampshades diffuse light instead of directing it to a single spot. Coming through a textile or plastic lamp shade the light loses its intensity. Such lamps are okay for occasional reading, but not for continuous hours of studying. If you really want your lamp to have shade, make sure that it does not disperse the light too much. Also, make sure it is neutral colored. You need clear light without any hues for comfortable studying. Click here!

best light for reading and studying

Quality floor lamps feature adjustable heads and arm structures. Such a construction will allow you to adjust the altitude and direction of light according to your preferences. Good quality floor lamps for reading are not that hard to find. They come in various styles – from classic to hi-tech, to suit any interior design.

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Best Desk Light for Studying

Desk lamps are the most popular among students. They are practical, compact and easy to integrate into a studying zone. Reading desk lamps also come in different styles and designs, at different prices and with various characteristics.

You should look for desk lamps with adjustable joints and variable brightness. Some lamps can be attached to the side of a desk saving you some valuable space. Besides, if a lamp is mounted to a surface, it will not topple over no matter how you position it.

How to Choose a Wall Lamp for Studying

Wall lamps are the least flexible out of all other kings. Using such a lamp as a primary source of light for studying is probably not the best idea. However, in some cases, wall light can come in handy. For instance, if you have very limited space and your seat is right near a wall.

There are not that many wall lamps that are suitable for studying. After all, wall lights have always been more about accent lighting. Nevertheless, with a certain amount of determination, you will find a suitable one.

Choosing Ceiling Light for Study

The quality of task light is critical, but overhead light is also important. Ceiling light should be bright enough to provide a little contrast with the task area as possible. At the same time, do not be determined to get all the lumens you need for studying from the ceiling light. That is completely unnecessary and inefficient. Something around 30-40 lumens per square foot should be sufficient.

The source of ceiling light is equally important. For a comfortable ambiance choose LED fixtures with neutral or warm white light.

which lighting is best for reading

Several Words About Color Temperature

Which light is good for reading: yellow or white? There is an ongoing debate regarding this issue. According to eye health specialists, the light color is less important than brightness. Choosing one color over another is rather a matter of taste and the purpose of reading. Yellow light gives out a more relaxing vibe. So it is better for leisure reading. White light is more crisp and vibrant. It stimulates activity and concentration; consequently, it is more suitable for studying.

Soft White vs. Warm White LED

Task lighting for studying should have a neutral color. Natural white (3500-4000 Kelvin) is the best. Warmer light might make you too relaxed, while cooler light can be overly stimulating. Soft white is closer to the neutral light, so it is preferable.

Reading in bed: yes or no?

Any ophthalmologist will advise you against reading in bed at night. Bedroom lights are usually too dim for reading. However, you can add some brightness with the help of the best reading lamps in bed. But don’t try to create too much contrast with the ambiance lighting. The best color of light for reading at night would be warm white or soft white (3000-3500 K).

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best color light for reading at night

Conclusion: best lighting studying

We all know how studying can become tiresome and annoying. If you have a perfectly-arranged studying zone, the process can become more enjoyable. Task lighting is one of the key elements. A proper lighting fixture is a long-term investment into your eye health and productivity. There are plenty of options to choose from. Once you know what to look for, you will easily find the one that will suit your needs perfectly.

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