How to Light a Room with no Overhead Lighting?

Are you going to rent an apartment? Are you moving to another city or district? The room height would be not decisive in this case. Little light is not difficult to solve. So, how to light a room with no overhead lighting? Let’s consider the best options and solutions.

how to light a room with no overhead lighting

Basic Rental Features

Going to rent accommodation, consider the basic features, such as:

  1. Location.
  2. Transport junction.
  3. Local facilities: shops, schools, parks, etc..
  4. Security.
  5. Livability.
  6. Lifestyle.

Are all faucets, outlets and lighting features in working order? They make the apartment livable. Any place with no lighting is offered. All kitchens, bathrooms and dining rooms are properly illuminated. However, houses with no ceiling lights are still available. These options are common for bedrooms and living areas. Is it a drawback? Not at all. Alternative features, like quality floor lamps, can be used to create atmospheric style in the room.

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Why Don’t Apartments Have Ceiling Lights?

Have you inspected a house with no overhead lighting at all? Does it have no ceiling light in the bedroom and in the kitchen? It’s not too practical. You would definitely select another accommodation. However, houses of this kind exist. They are common in California. Some houses are initially built without ceiling lights. Why?

The key reasons are in:

  • building and maintenance cost;
  • style;
  • construction method.

Apartments with perfect recessed lighting are attractive to renters. If they look fancy and stylish, the monthly rate can be higher. Lighting fixtures are among the details that create this impression.

Additionally, here, in CA, many houses are built with concrete ceilings. It’s not easy to run the electrical wiring through them. Additionally, according to the Title 24 California Building Code, lighting levels can be temporarily reduced. It’s dictated by the electricity prices. Your electric utility can offer you a wiring alteration if the building area is more than 10,000 sq.ft.

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How to Add Light to a Room without Ceiling Light?

a room without ceiling lightsThus, apartments with no ceiling illumination exist. It lets thrifty landlords save on maintenance cost. It’s expensive to mount ceiling fixtures. Table and floor lamps are supplied by renters. What a relief! However, do you like the apartment? Do you still want to rent it? Can you light it?

Quite naturally, you won’t install a ceiling fixture. Connecting cables and wiring would be too complicated. Additionally, are you empowered to do it in a rented house?

You can successfully use no overhead lighting solutions, such as:

  • wall lights:
  • table lamps;
  • floor lighting fixtures.

Wall lights still require installation. It can damage the cherished property. Deterioration can happen also if you select battery operated or LED strip fixtures. These options are not the most cost-efficient. You won’t be able to re-use the fixtures after you move to another place? So, use the other available lighting solutions for rooms with no overhead light. They are beneficial and stylish.

How to Light up a Living Room?

Several levels of light are to be available in the place where you watch TV and read books. Ceiling illumination is not the only mode of general lighting. Natural light in the daytime can replace it. It can be sufficient.

So, how to light a living room with no overhead lighting? Use a task or accent illumination. Reading and table lamps are decorative and functional. They create a cozy atmosphere in the room, adding a pleasant, warm glow.

Bedroom Lighting Solutions

Similar levels can be created in your bedroom. However, the lighting fixtures in the room are to be dimmable. Are there other lighting ideas for bedrooms with no overhead light? They include:

  • warm colors;
  • absence of symmetry;
  • cool shade tones;
  • adding mood lights like pendants or bedside lamps.

The room is to be task-friendly. Dimmers are multifunctional. They are beneficial for small spaces, adding an extra dimension to the environment. The bulb should not be too bright. Quite naturally, color temperature matters, as well. So, which bulbs would you need for your bedroom?

Brightness, lumensIncandescent bulbs, WLED Bulbs, W

So, you are to change the brightness according to the tasks and the situations. However, in your bedroom, it should not exceed 2,000-4,000 L. This way, you create a pleasant, cozy ambiance.

How to Light a Hall or Lobby?

Would you live in an apartment with no natural light? I think it’s not healthy. According to the Cornell University Research, daylight is essential, especially in the offices. Absence of natural light can cause dangerous health issues, such as:

  • headaches;
  • eyestrain;
  • seasonal depression.

However, rooms without windows exist. They can be stylish and elegant, don’t they? Adding lights to a room with no windows is not complicated. What can you do? Use bright colors in the interior. Mirrors and reflective surfaces would be useful. Meanwhile, lighting fixtures are essential. They help you maximize the area.

How to Light a Dining Room Without Ceiling Light?

no ceiling light solutionsThe place where you eat is to be moody. So, a central lighting fixture over the table would be desirable. Is it not possible to install a chandelier? A lot of other, great lighting options for rooms without ceiling lights exist. They include wall sconces, pendants, sculptural elements, table lighting, candles.

Dimmers are preferable. They let you keep light moody and low. Light is designed to connect the people sitting at the table. It eliminates dark spots and creates a comfortable ambiance.

What Type of Floor Lamp Gives the Most Light?

If you still need task illumination to be bright enough, use floor lamps. They are flexible and functional. The light intensity is to be not less than 600 lumens/43 sq.ft. It would be sufficient for knitting or reading.

Meanwhile, consider selecting the common floor lamp types. They include:

  • torchier;
  • candelabra;
  • arc;
  • tower;
  • tree;

The selection depends not only on your preferences. It is based on the lamp application. The shade and the holder design, the materials and the colors are different.

General Verdict

So, if you like a room with no overhead lighting, no problems. You can rent it. Just light it up. Use a floor or table lamp. Several ones could be suitable for a large space. These fixtures make your room design stylish and moody. It lets you feel comfortable and healthy.

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