Track Lighting vs Recessed Lighting

track lighting vs recessed lighting

Are you going to start a renovation project? Winter is a good time to take it on. It’s easier to get in touch with a local contractor. You might get an off-season discount and scheduling benefits. Don’t forget to illuminate your kitchen. Now let’s compare track lighting vs recessed lighting. Task fixtures are functional. They illuminate preparation areas. Both options fit common everyday applications. There are differences in design, installation issues, and coverage. Do you know everything about them?

Pros and Cons of Recessed Lights

In California, winters are mild and warm. Rainy season makes outdoor wiring works challenging and not completely safe. Interior remodeling is possible even in northern states. Winter frosts don’t prevent you from remodeling your kitchen or living room. If your space is limited, best-recessed lighting is preferable.

Mount can lights directly into the ceiling. These fixtures are:pros and cons of led recessed lighting

  • hidden;
  • sleek;
  • versatile
  • waterproof;
  • trend-proof;
  • focused.

What is the difference between can lights and recessed lights? Metal, can-like housing of the fixtures is called canister. This nickname is less formal. It’s used only in American English.

So, will you use recessed lighting or track lighting fixture for suspended ceiling? Quite naturally, can fixtures are preferable in this case. Their housings fit above the ceiling plane. So, you have to make holes in the surface. Gypsum boards or plaster panels meet these goals optimally.

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Where to Place Recessed Lighting in Living Room?

These lighting fixtures are directional. They are preferable when you need to highlight art pieces. Focus them on your dining table or countertop in the kitchen. But recessed illumination may give a cave-like effect. To cover edges of the kitchen, you’ll need numerous lights.

What kind of light bulbs goes in recessed lights? Both track and can fixtures fit all types of bulbs, such as:

  1. Incandescent.
  2. Halogen.
  3. LED;
  4. Fluorescent.

Difference incompatibility exists. For example, you can replace inefficient halogen bulbs with LED devices. In recessed fixtures it’s possible. When type of the holder is the same, it’s easy. Shape and size of the bulb are to be similar. All fixtures and devices are to meet energy-efficiency standards.

Track heads fit only the certain bulb types. Meanwhile, are you going to install lighting fixtures in your bathroom? Waterproof recessed lights for showers are preferable. Install them properly. Select IC-rated models. Fixtures that meet IPx65 rating requirements are completely dustproof. They are protected against water jets.

How to Light a Room with No Overhead Lighting?

If you’ve got recessed lights previously installed, remodeling is easy. These fixtures match any room style. They are not prominent, virtually invisible. Otherwise, add several task lights. Best flexible track lighting system is easy to install. Mount it anywhere you need illumination.

how to light a living room with no overhead lighting

Quite naturally, you can use other task lighting options. Floor and table lamps fit your bedroom or study. Is Track Lighting good for a kitchen? It meets your household needs, as the system is:

  • practical;
  • energy-efficient;
  • flexible;
  • decorative.

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Kitchen needs enhanced functionality. Track fixtures provide it. Metal track is mounted to walls or ceiling. It powers several heads. Are all track lighting tracks the same? Various options are available nowadays. Some of them look ugly or clunky. Multiple decorative versions are on the market. They make your kitchen look stylish and unconventional.

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How Does Track Lighting Work?

Quite naturally, track lighting systems are to match your room style. Remodeling your kitchen, you’ll have to replace it. Some systems are adjustable. Replacement heads may be available, but compatibility is not wide.

how does track lighting work

So, every track lighting system consists of 2 basic parts:

  1. Rails.
  2. Pendants.

Tracks or rail system holds conductors. It powers the heads. Layout of the track may be dissimilar. U, T, H and L linear shapes are commonly used. Flexible connectors are also available. Spotlights or heads are usually compact and modern by style, made of metal. Meanwhile, all of them are adjustable. They rotate 360 degrees, letting you change the beam angle. Direct it to your kitchen work area and avoid eye strain.

How to Install Track Lighting on Ceiling?

Selecting a lighting system, check its feed type. Line-voltage items connect directly to your 120V circuit. It’s an affordable option, as you don’t need to buy a transformer. On the other hands, low-voltage systems are:

  • safe;
  • easy-to-install;
  • energy-efficient;
  • enabling bright lighting.

Touching the track is safe if the system is low-voltage. But you need some space to hide the transformer. Anyway, hire a professional electrician to install the system. I mean, wiring and connections. Attaching and feeding electrical cables is possible when it’s safe. Shut off electricity in advance. Measure the space and select the layout by yourself.

General Impression

Both recessed and track lighting may find place in your kitchen. It’s possible to install both options. Recessed fixtures are preferable for limited spaces and corners of the room. Do you need to illuminate your kitchen island? Tracks look good in the center. They provide perfect illumination. Both lighting options are functional, modern and useful. Just select top-quality products. They are to be safe, energy-efficient and long-lasting. Remodel your home as rare as possible. Renovation may include only wall color change and decorations.

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